Saturday, March 17, 2012

You Be the Judge! Rabbit Adoption Story Contest~

I have been so inspired by these stories.  Some brought me to tears or inspired my thinking about bunnies in a myriad of ways. Please read the rules carefully below on how to vote. You the readers are the judges of this contest! This contest does help rabbit rescues with the prize, but also helps educate others who aren't as aware of the beauties of rabbit adoption! Please share these stories for others to read. Encourage others to vote on them to.  A voter can vote for more than one story, but only once per story.  

This is a beautiful pair of ivory colored cuddling bunnies which came from the great Etsy shop Lavender Rabbit Studios. This is a one of a kind handmade item. This item will go to the writer/contributor of the story which wins. You can find... Lavender Rabbit at this link

The owner is a rabbit lover herself and a great pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend them. They make things other than rabbits also, but the rabbit items are my favorite. Guess I am a bit prejudiced!

This is the prize for the winner of the Rabbit Adoption Story Contest. A $25.00 donation in US dollars will also be made to  the Rabbit Rescue/Shelter of the winning contributor's choice.

How contest is judged:
1) Readers of the blog will vote on the best stories by leaving a comment on the story at the bottom in the comments section stating "This is my vote for this story".

2) A reader can vote for more than one story, but can only vote once on each story.

3) Voters can vote from Saturday, March 17th, 2012 until Monday, March 27th (which is the last day to vote).

3) The story with the most legitimate votes/comments will be the winner.

4) Anyone can vote, can vote on more than one story, but can vote only once on each story. You can encourage your friends to vote on a story by commenting on it at the end of the story in the comments section.

5) If there is a tie in the amount of votes in more than one story with the winning stories, the writer of Rabbit Slippers Blog will decide the winner by a drawing of names of the tied score stories.

Links to Stories In No Certain Order:

Editor's Note:   You will find that two stories are about the same rabbit, but one was contributed by the original rescue and the other version was contributed by the adopter.  I believe that we can get great insight from reading both of these stories to see it from two points of view!  These stories need to be judged as individual stories. Neither party is aware that the other party contributed about the same rabbit. It also goes to show that rabbits do affect us human beings whether we are just part of the rabbit's journey or in their forever home.  If you have any questions or clarifications on this or any other issues, please write me or write in the comments box at the end of this post.  I will respond asap. The stories below are the ones being judged.

Helena and Hemingway's Story

Mick's Story

Edison's Story

Duchess's Story

DeNiro's Story

Nico's Story

Eddie's Story

Blush's Story

Toffee, Tilly and Jinx

Earl's Story

Nibbler's Story

 Mrs. Moop, Hedwig and Alice's Story

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