Monday, October 26, 2009

I went to a lovely farm today...

Hi friends,
I went to a lovely farm today and saw a few animals, picked out a big pumpkin to potentially carve out for Halloween and ate some pumpkin-spice flavored ice cream. It was a fun experience on a beautiful fall day. The sun was on my back on a 60 degree day. No complaints here. When I get the pictures, I will post them on here! I love to share that stuff.

Finally we are getting our fall foliage at its seasonal height. It is so beautiful driving back and forth to work on that part of the highway. I love the colors as the sun hits the leaves and makes them all seem to glow different colors.

I am starting to feel better than last week shaking off the cold that I had. We had to put our bunny Butterscotch "too sleep" (I hate that expression) last Thursday night. We brought in from outside two of our older bunnies, that are dwarves. They are Domino and Woody. They are about eight years old and very sweet. They are now permanent house bunnies. A few years back they were part of a group of bunnies that we labeled "The Seven Dwarves" for obvious reasons. We didn't set out to bring in seven dwarf bunnies. One day we just counted them and laughed at the fact that there were seven. They are the only two from the group that get along still. There is one more still alive that does not seem to get along with the others. Although he is neutered and very sweet, LWB (aka Little White Bunny) just can't keep himself from humping other bunnies. It drives the others crazy, finally they get sick of him and they snap back.

It is pleasant and feels good to be writing some more pleasant stuff again.

Hope you all are well and I look forward to hearing from anyone with thoughts or comments, and the like.

Take care,
Til next time,
Mary Ellen