Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did get out today and took a few local fall photos...

It turned out to be a nice day after all later in the day. I did get out and get some nice fall photos taken. We definitely are not at peak leaf peepin foliage yet, but it's on its way. These sunflowers were from a field of dying sunflowers.

I live in an area that has some farmland, but it is being sold to developers and it disgusts me. I moved to this area because it had a small town feel and the agricultural aspect, but this seems to be disappearing. The development is of sheet rock mansions (mc mansions), industrial parks and big box stores on main roads. I am trying to capture what I love in these photos and share it with anyone who is interested. I plan on voting in our local election in favor of those who are in favor of what I show in these photos.

I try to enjoy the outdoors now in my life. I really took it for granted when I was younger. Today so many people spend their life in doors and aren't used to the world outside. Trying to keep more of this closer to our front doors, instead of creating many more wasteful types of front doors is important.

Getting back to foliage season. I should be going to Massachussetts next weekend for some family visits and events. I bet there will be some peak foliage photos coming back with me from there. I will share any gems. I will also try to share what is local to me also. That is important.

I also uploaded some designs to my shop on-line and will, either tomorrow or Monday, will get them on display on-line to be seen.

This has been a low-key but enjoyable day. Thanks for letting me share with you.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Til next time.....

The Husband is Sick, I hope i'm not & its rainy out...blah!

Hello there,
I hope you are all well. Unfortunately here, the hubby is sick with a nasty cold-wish he would quit smoking. He did go to work this morning-its only a few short hours. He is whiny like most men when he gets sick-it just seems to get rid of the male bravado and bring out the little boy (baby) in them.

It is a bit rainy out. I hope it clears up. I would like to do something outdoorsy and enjoy this time of year. It'll probably be low-key so I can get him to come and also so I don't get sick. I think I am teetering on the edge. But this time of year is pretty and short- I want to figure something out to do to enjoy the day to the fullest. I have been waiting on the foliage-which is finally starting to come out, but it is not at its fullest.

I will post photos soon when the foliage comes out.

I have been working on some designs for the on-line shop.
They are not up yet. I need to do a little more work. I will post when they are up.
Til next time!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winds of change?

Today was quite the balmy, but blustery day. The gusty warm winds blowing things about outdoors always bring about some untamed side of myself from within wanting to be mischievous or to explore new avenues in life. It brings about my sense of adventure. Perhaps it somehow blows away the dust and cobwebs inside and brightens up that urge to turn over unturned stones down totally different paths.

Something to ponder this evening, to let drift into my dreams and see where it takes me. Something to think about, but not too hard. The point is to let it take shape on its own. It will come about and we will meet. Then I'll find which way to take it. It is fun. The key is to not push it too hard or let the light go out.

I hope that you find the light to light your way to a new adventure.

Til next time!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waiting for a hot cup of tea from my husband.....

Hi there!
It is a little chillier tonight, but not too bad. I am working on some photos for work for one of my supervisors to bring to a conference. Anyways, enough about work. I am waiting for my husband to bring me a nice hot cup of herbal tea which he started to make for me. If he is in the right mood he will do that for me. It is nice after a long day at work.

I went to a flower farm today. They are selling mainly mums this time of year. Of course there are pumpkins, cornstalks and other fall seasonal decor they sell. The smell is wonderful. I didn't even realize that mums can be fragrant, but the ones they sold at this farm were! I didn't buy alot but I bought some and some small pumpkins. I gave in and bought an ice cream cone also. There were horses, goats and chickens. There is a bunny that often can be seen at this farm hopping around, but the owner of the farm told me she is pregnant and laying low.

I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your day or evening.

Take care for now. Sorry so short.
Until next time!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It is supposed to be 74 degrees out today....

Hi there,
This is a quick post. I am getting ready for work and can't believe the weather is supposed to be 74 degrees out. I am doing some outdoorsy stuff at work today and am glad for it. I don't know what this weather will do for foliage, but it will be nice for my heating and oil bill. I am looking at the very practical side for today.

Feel free to check out my shops and website. Tell me what you think. I am always looking for feedback. You can access everything through my website.

Got to get ready for work now. I'll let you know what the day is like.
Take care!