Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Husband is Sick, I hope i'm not & its rainy out...blah!

Hello there,
I hope you are all well. Unfortunately here, the hubby is sick with a nasty cold-wish he would quit smoking. He did go to work this morning-its only a few short hours. He is whiny like most men when he gets sick-it just seems to get rid of the male bravado and bring out the little boy (baby) in them.

It is a bit rainy out. I hope it clears up. I would like to do something outdoorsy and enjoy this time of year. It'll probably be low-key so I can get him to come and also so I don't get sick. I think I am teetering on the edge. But this time of year is pretty and short- I want to figure something out to do to enjoy the day to the fullest. I have been waiting on the foliage-which is finally starting to come out, but it is not at its fullest.

I will post photos soon when the foliage comes out.

I have been working on some designs for the on-line shop.
They are not up yet. I need to do a little more work. I will post when they are up.
Til next time!

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