Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Start of the Holiday Season

Hi, I am making plans for work for next week which will be Thanksgiving Week! It is difficult to fathom that time is passing so quickly. We won't be traveling this year for Thanksgiving, which I am happy about. What about you? What are you doing? I hope you have someone special to spend the day with. Friends, Family, or even nicer in a way helping out someone in need. Perhaps they don't have a place to go, someone to spend it with or worse they don't have money or materials to create a dinner.

One year, my dad thought he was having a stroke. He had one on December 3rd of that previous year and had lost his own Dad to a stroke on Thanksgiving Day many years before that. Thanksgiving was always a difficult day for him because of it, and then compounded with the memory of his own stroke now too many days after Thanksgiving.
Well, to make a long story short, it turned out to be more of an anxiety attack or bad memory creating the physical symptoms. The time that would have been spent cooking was spent in the E.R. It was then that we went to a deli and asked for thickly cut sliced Turkey breast. We heated it up with canned gravy, veggies, Stove Top stuffing and heated up a frozen apple pie. It was probably the most special Thanksgiving Dinner that I ever had for it reminded me of what I had to be thankful for. My dad is doing fairly well, is about 16 years older now and living in another state. It is important that I keep in touch. I won't be able to spend the day with him, but will call him and let him know how much I love him. Unfortunately, my mom passed away eight years ago, but I have special memories of her.

We should all count our blessings. Biggest to the smallest. I do have my husband, brothers, fathers, other family and can't forget the precious little bunnies.

I created some Holiday Cards with one special bunny, the one in my profile photo if you want to check them out. One is ready to look at.
I'll share the other tomorrow. Let me know what you think!

I am thinking of starting a blog to share hints on how to save money and perhaps extra ways to make a little more. I will keep you posted!
Til next time.
Thanks for stopping by!
Mary Ellen