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No Bunny Left Behind: Bunnies 'n Books Rabbit Adoption Fair

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I came across an event that struck me as being so creative and unique! It's a Valentine's Day Celebration that has so many shiny facets that sparkle from the gem that it is!  It is run by RabbitEARS Adoption Store in El Cerrito, California! The event is part of a No Bunny Left Behind ongoing literacy program which is held monthly. I was given the opportunity to speak with Judy Hardin, the founder of RabbitEARS and also the one who started No Bunny Left Behind which includes the Bunnies 'n Books reading group. Judy is going to tell us about their special event, bunnies and literacy and RabbitEARS Adoptions!

RS:  Hello Judy, Thanks for joining us here at Rabbit Slippers. We are so glad you are joining us here to share about your event and programs, which I think is so creative and weaves many positive things into something that benefits bunnies, children, adults and education! First we'll get some background and then we'll discuss the Valentine's Event! Tell us a bit about RabbitEARS!

Snowdrop and Nutmeg
Peter & Charlotte
Peter and Charlotte
JH: RabbitEARS is a rescue organization, which I founded, which focuses on rescuing mainly rabbits but some other animals, rabbit and animal adoption, education on dealing with the many aspects of having a companion rabbit- health, regular care and their other needs. We also sell and recommend pet supplies which help support our organization. We also hold events which promote adoption of these animals.

RS: Sounds like quite the undertaking!  Please tell us about the No Bunny Left Behind program.


JH: No Bunny Left Behind, RabbitEARS' Community Literacy Project is for people young and old, which sponsors a monthly reading club that explores the portrayal of bunnies in classic literature, fiction, nonfiction, popular culture and children's books. RabbitEARS developed a humane education program through literacy, taking the challenge from Rosemary Wells (beloved author of the Max and Ruby series) who wrote the wonderful book called Read to Your Bunny. So our community program is called No Bunny Left Behind. We use reading, writing, art and play to foster kindness for animals. We use accredited books and ask lots of questions to inspire empathy in young and old alike to find ways of treating animals with kindness every day. We train volunteers to do readings in schools, churches, everywhere. We have trained doctors, teachers and even the chief of police to do this! The book club was designed to get more adults and young adults interested in reading and understanding the ways that rabbits are portrayed throughout our lifetime in books, and how that portrayal can shape the ways we treat animals. It's very fun and interesting.

RS:  From what I understand, you have one group which focuses on just bunnies?
JH: Books with Bunnies meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month. Book clubbers read, discuss and enjoy the portrayal of bunnies in classic literature, fiction, nonfiction and children's books. We explore the bunnification of rabbits from the realistic literary rabbits of Watership Down, to the comic and crafty characterizations of Bugs Bunny and Brer Rabbit, to the humanizing and cuddly portrayal of Beatrix Potter's bunnies, and to the urbanization of modern bunnies in popular children's books today. 
The rabbit is a singularly appropriate literary creature because we see it in so many different ways: a cuddly pet, a trickster, a suspicious wild animal, aloof and shy prey animal, a swift and destructive invader. Not an animal to be underestimated or understood. No wonder writers keep coming back to the rabbit!

 RS: The rabbit is definitely portrayed in many different ways and is appealing to so many people! Since the time I became a bunnaholic myself, I have looked at the way buns are portrayed in art, cartoons, books and in popular culture through the ages. There are some bunnies I don't care for and some that are just so captivating and intriguing.  What you are doing sounds like a lot of fun, even if one wasn't as hooked on rabbits as much as myself. This sounds so neat. This leads us to your Valentine's celebration event.
Tell us a bit about your Valentine's Celebration Event- to start, when and where is it?

JH:  Our Valentine's event is the Funny Bunny Valentines Day Celebration and Adoption Fair. It will be held on Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at RabbitEARS Adoption Store located at 7523 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, California.  There are different events within the time frame of the fair. There is something for everyone! The events are as follows:

Chrissy Heinz
Bunnies 'n Books Reading Group reading Winnie the Pooh, 11am to 2:30pm
Funny Bunny Valentine Adoption Fair, 2-4:00pm Special Guest Api Scatapi reading from her book Funny Bunny Adventures, 3:00
Pooh Food with Chef Jerry served all day!

RS: Starting with Winnie the Pooh, I guess you will discuss "Rabbit".
Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh
JH: Yes, this month's selection will celebrate Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne.
We re-discover this classic children's book before the meeting or enjoy selected readings from the reading group. Together we'll explore Rabbit's relationship to Pooh, Owl, Eeyore, the small critters in the forest, Christopher Robin, and to all who love rabbits and reading! Did you notice that Rabbit does not wear clothing like most of the characters? 

RS: Never thought about that one. Sounds like it will be lots of fun and thought provoking. Now, I must know, what is Pooh Food and who is Chef Jerry? I am sure there will be "Hunny" (that's how I remember it was spelled in the movie or book illustrations.). What else? 
Oreo and Snickers

JH: Chef Jerry is a local chef who frequents RabbitEARS. He teaches culinary arts at a local high school for disadvantaged kids. He is so great. Pooh food will be all the things that Pooh and his friends like to eat: lots of honey! Cream cheese with nasturtium sandwiches(editor's note: rabbits and humans can eat nasturtium flowers!, cucumber sandwiches, honey cookies, honey cakes, etc.
Double Dutch! Lily and Chuck

RS: This is so creative! I love it!
Tell us a little about your guest Api Scatapi.

JH: The woman, Api Scatapi, who wrote the Funny Bunny series is a new local writer, living in Berkeley. I don't know much about her but she has several Funny Bunny books in a series all planned out.


RS: This is great, local talent!  And speaking of local talent, there are going to be adoptable bunnies there too, correct?

JH: Yes definitely! Wander around the Rabbitat and meet Heart-throbs Tomatillo, Bunnyman, Thelma and Louise, Napoleon, Oreo and Snickers, Miu Miu, Peter and Charlotte and many more rescued rabbits looking for special forever Valentines! Find a special bunny buddy to sponsor or donate to our annual Easter spay/neuter fund drive. 

RS: For those people who can't attend, but would like to adopt, volunteer, sponsor a bunny, donate or would like more information, how may people find you or contact you?

JH: People can reach us at: 
7523 Fairmount Ave,
El Cerrito, CA
Phone: (510)-356-4233,
our website: 
on Facebook:

RS: It is such a pleasure to have you with us here! Running a rescue with such diverse services must keep you very busy, so we appreciate the time you took to spend with us! Thank you for sharing about this unique special event and the regularly occurring events (No Bunny Left Behind literacy groups/other Books with Bunnies meetings and training) as well.

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  1. Yay! A bunny blog! So glad to have found you! And Licorice--what a great name for a bunny! :)

  2. Hi Robin, Thanks so much for checking us out! Glad you found us and we found you! I thought that Licorice was a great name for a bunny too! He is a cutie too! Look forward to getting to know you!
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