Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Interviews from 2011

Thought we'd share some of our favorite and most popular interviews from Rabbit Slippers Blog from 2011 before we get further along into the year of 2012.

One of our most popular and entertaining interviews was with our friend Flat Bonnie, the lovely little "flat" adoptable stuffed bunny friend of ours, who promotes rabbit adoption, but only when you are ready! Enjoy this interview as we get "the scoop" from Flat Bonnie from the litter box!
Flat Bonnie Interview

The first interview we did with a rabbit rescue/ shelter was with Pam of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue of Rhode Island. I was familiar with Pam and Sweet Binks originally through all her great posts and support of rabbit owners in need through the great House Rabbit list serv Etherbun. Sweet Binks just celebrated its 10th birthday!   Click on the link below!
Sweet Binks Interview

An organization that I always intrigued by was  Bunnies In Baskets. They are an organization which trains people and bunnies to do what is often called Pet Therapy or Animal Facilitative Therapy (AFT), when I went to school.  Bunnies in Baskets was started by Sarah Baran in Oregon.  Here's that wonderful interview. Click on the link below!
Bunnies In Baskets Interview

 The first interview I did with a real rabbit, Facebook personality, turned out to be a very popular one! Nestle Frey, who always speaks candidly, provided an entertaining interview about The Girl (his human slave), his adopted sweetheart Merilee and not really admitting to liking commitment in a relationship. Read it for yourself for the the inside story and chuckles too! Click on the link below!
Nestle Frey Interview

Hoping you enjoyed checking these out!  We have already had some great interviews this year of 2012.  Why not explore Rabbit Slippers Blog and check them out!  Thanks for visiting!  Rabbit Slippers is always looking for new ideas! Please let us know who you'd like to see interviewed, if you know someone who would be interesting to our readers. Also please share any ideas you have for Rabbit Slippers! We are always open to your ideas!

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