Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two New Family Members

Hello there!

Recently we added two new family members who we would quickly like to introduce.

The photos are not the greatest, but they are the first taken by request of some Facebook friends. More will come in the future.

They came from a none rabbit oriented municipal animal shelter in my hometown.  People recently told me about them, one who  who works at the shelter.

One sweetie had to be given up when her family lost their home in hurricane Sandy. That must have been so hard for them to go through and then to also have to make the choice of having to give up their sweet beloved pet. She doesn't have an official name yet. She is a very sweet six year old lionhead!  She has striking blue eyes, sadly with red pupils in the photos! She looks so nervous here, but she hadn't been with us even an hour. Suggestions are always welcome in the comments below!

The other is one they found "running around the streets".  The phrase is fitting because she seems fairly young, energetic and rascally!  I'm glad they caught her because she is also very social and affectionate, but hard to keep within safety at time. It's easy to see how she may have escaped a hutch. I hope and pray that she wasn't dumped. I'm also glad that she won't have to be in a hutch again! The photos here make her look washed out. She is much more energetic, younger and orangey reddish looking.  Her name is Ginger. That name came easy.

I will share more on them in the near future!

Thanks for stopping by!

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