Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Flat Bonnie!!!!!

Flat Bonnie & Poop friends Give Us the Scoop (Pun Intended) from the Litter Box!
Hi, I'm so excited! Today is the day for our exclusive interview with Flat Bonnie! For those who are not familiar with Flat Bonnie, she is a wonderful stuffed little bunny named "Flat Bonnie".  Flat Bonnie is handmade and is sold by some special people from California http://flatbonnie.com/, who create her to raise awareness about rescue rabbits, but to also raise funds for them, and also they donate her to Rabbit Rescue Shelters. A portion of Flat Bonnie proceeds go to Rabbit Rescues organizations 

Flat Bonnie was instantly popular with her cute good looks and sunny personality when she hit first the scene. She is not a flash in the pan celebrity either. Her following continues to grow while she continues to be her sweet self, untouched by the fame.  In fact, her presence and talents just seem to continue to amaze us.

We were lucky to get her to sit down with us for a brief interview during her busy schedule! Totally comfortable anywhere, this sweet bunny starlet sat  with us from her litterbox with a couple of friends (see interview photo above).

RS (Rabbit Slippers): You seem like such a positive, happy and friendly bunny Flat Bonnie, why is that?

FB (Flat Bonnie): It makes me happy when I can help my real bun friends living in shelters and rescues.  I also have many Flat Friends to hang out with at home.  I like exploring and discovering new things and places.  I am very curious, just like my real bun friends.

RS:  Even though you are sweet and adorable in your photos, your photos don't do you justice! Do you have any beauty secrets?

FB: Lots of beauty sleep, I take lots of naps.  I try to get as flat as possible when napping.  I also get a lot of exercise hopping around, binky-ing, posing for pictures, and keeping an eye on my real bun friends.  They can get into trouble sometimes.

Click on photo to view a larger view of Flat Bonnie's flawless beauty!

RS:  Why do you talk about adopting bunnies instead of buying bunnies in a pet store or from a breeder?

FB: Because there are many abandoned bunnies and other small animals in shelters that need forever homes.  There is nothing wrong with these buns, they just had bad humans.  Many people think that rescues and shelters just have dogs and cats, but there are many abandoned buns too.
Flat Bonnie can be customized to match a live rabbit! Just send photos of different sides of your live rabbits
RS:  Do you represent any particular organizations and could you tell us about them?

FB: I support any rescue or shelter that helps my real bun friends.  House Rabbit Society is one of those organizations.  They rescue buns and find them forever homes.  They help fund many shelters having trouble and educate humans about caring for bunnies.

Flat Bonnie can be found in many shades!

RS:  Do you have any other organizations that you recommend and why?

FB: I recommend "Make Mine Chocolate" because Easter Bunnies should not be real.  Many people give real buns to children at Easter, often they are soon abandoned.  Real buns are not toys.

Custom Flat Bonnie Lionhead Rabbit
RS:  Do you have anything specific you would like to share with our readers?

FB:  Hi!       Oh, and If you are lucky enough to have me in your home sometime, keep the camera ready.  I am always doing something cute, even if it is just napping!
(Editor's Note: Flat Bonnie has been seen all over the world and photos of her are posted on Facebook showing  how far-reaching Flat Bonnie has been. People who have the honor of adopting Flat Bonnie into their lives are encouraged to share their pictures of Flat Bonnie. See my own in this blog post and see Flat Bonnie's Face Book page here.)

RS: Thank you so much Flat Bonnie for taking the time to share with us during this interview.

FB: Thank you for interviewing me today, hop to see you soon.  Now can someone show me to the treats?

Flat Bonnie donates a portion of the sales to bunny/animal rescue organizations.
Please check out Flat Bonnie at her website! http://FlatBonnie.com
There are big links on that page for adopting a Flat Bonnie or to check out her blog!
I adopted this sweet Dutch Flat Bonnie after my other Flat Bonnie decide to live at the Rabbit Hill Inn

I am not receiving any compensation monetary or otherwise for this interview! I just love Flat Bonnie that much!   
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Custom Agouti patterned Flat Bonnies