Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Country Fair

Hey there! I am excited to be going to the Durham Fair. I will get to see the bunnies, eat junk food and real homemade stuff as well. Tonight I will probably be a pig and give my husband a hard time for being one (he always is one when it comes to eating!!). There will be fiber animals, rides and music and more. To top it off there will be great fall weather. Two years ago it was flooded and muddy, but I enjoyed every bit of it.

I will report on the fair probably tomorrow because I'm sure I'll be too beat to share it tonight!
Also have been working on more drawings and working with the photos that I have on-line. Some photos stay personal and some go on-line. The drawings are also a slow process, but it is fun and will little by little get them up for people to see.

I started a new regular website which is also in its beginning stages, but will be a central place from where people can go to my other places, but will also be a "bunny central" if you will. There will be information about rabbits and related things like spinning, care, and whatever else comes with it. Also, I will share my bunnies with you all and ask people to share theirs. There will be links to all the best things from my experiences. I got a basic page done but it doesn't seem to want to "publish" yet. Once I get the kinks worked out or figure that part out, it will be up and I will let you know!

Enjoy your day and your weekend!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I have today off and am looking forward to going to the Durham Fair! I have been working on drawings and other projects. But I think I will enjoy the outdoors while we have a wonderful sunny but somewhat cool day! The leaves haven't really turned colors much yet. I am sure it is ahead of us if you go north to Vermont, New Hamshire or Maine. I am guessing within the next couple of weeks it'll be prime leaf peeping season here. I can't wait to take pictures and smell the air. This is one of my favorite seasons. I will share links to photos when the time comes.
I am slowly working on designs and seeing what photos, as well, to put in my shops on-line.
I am open to suggestions.
Til next time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just was working on a drawing...

Doing artwork or crafts can be so relaxing whether it is complicated or simple. It is probably when I am most able to focus and tune out the world. Going to a museum can be an escape also-wondering about the pieces, the history that was taking place when it was created, brush strokes on a painting, materials, what inspired it or even just escaping perhaps into a scene itself...another time or another day. It is so much fun.

I was working on a drawing tonight. I was just using magic markers actually. I love working with all different meduims, but was just in the mood for some markers. The drawing was simple and didn't turn out bad. It was just so relaxing. It is something that I hope to do more of.

Today was so warm for the 2nd or 3rd day into fall. It was almost 80 degrees here in New England. Hope it is a little cooler for the fair this weekend. I can't wait to go-bunnies, fiber animals, apple pie and so many other things.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
Til next time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quiet Night without the hubby....

Hi there, This is just a quiet night with hubby away to help his mom with something . It will be nice to relax and have quiet. Going to work on some drawings and ideas tonight. I am looking forward to the big fair this weekend. I get to see bunnies and other cool animals, as well as the fiber animals. Get to have some homemade apple pie and other goodies. I allow myself to eat less healthy on occasions like this and holidays within reason. Only a few more days.
Thought I would share this new link to the Rabbit Hop Shoppe with this latest design . Let me know what you think.
Not much to say tonight. I hope that life is going well and is pleasant for those reading this at the moment.

Til next time!!