Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Country Fair

Hey there! I am excited to be going to the Durham Fair. I will get to see the bunnies, eat junk food and real homemade stuff as well. Tonight I will probably be a pig and give my husband a hard time for being one (he always is one when it comes to eating!!). There will be fiber animals, rides and music and more. To top it off there will be great fall weather. Two years ago it was flooded and muddy, but I enjoyed every bit of it.

I will report on the fair probably tomorrow because I'm sure I'll be too beat to share it tonight!
Also have been working on more drawings and working with the photos that I have on-line. Some photos stay personal and some go on-line. The drawings are also a slow process, but it is fun and will little by little get them up for people to see.

I started a new regular website which is also in its beginning stages, but will be a central place from where people can go to my other places, but will also be a "bunny central" if you will. There will be information about rabbits and related things like spinning, care, and whatever else comes with it. Also, I will share my bunnies with you all and ask people to share theirs. There will be links to all the best things from my experiences. I got a basic page done but it doesn't seem to want to "publish" yet. Once I get the kinks worked out or figure that part out, it will be up and I will let you know!

Enjoy your day and your weekend!!

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