Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's the fair!! With Photos!!

Hi there! We went to the fair on Saturday and it was wonderful. There were many animals, lots of good food (many homemade foods from local fundraiser type booths, not just commercial), a lot of people and lots of fun. I am including some photos for you to browse through.

There was so much to do. The Durham Fair is Connecticut's largest agricultural fair. It is the best one also as far as I am concerned.

There were fiber animals and spinners which makes me want to get back into spinning.

I didn't see any Angora bunnies though. They would be the rabbit's wool. There were some Jersey Woolies which are generally a cross between dwarves and some type of Angora rabbit. Their wool doesn't usually tangle as much as a regular Angora.

There is a lady who sells this great goat's milk soap she makes. It has shea butter in it also. It is my favorite soap. I bought a lot of it. She also sells on-line. I get nothing for recommending her soap. Here is a link if you want to check it out.

It was the best time. My husband watched "The Guess Who" play while I explored the huge fair. I could hear the band play from a distance and it didn't sound too bad, but I didn't feel overly compelled to watch the performance.
There were also the cutest little piglets nursing from their mother, who was just woken up by the owner to feed her. They started getting into a tussle when the mother was trying to keep her children out of her bowl! See the video on the link below!!
Til next time!

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