Thursday, October 1, 2009

Went for a wonderful fall walk.....

I wanted to share that I went for a wonderful fall walk today in a wooded area with a river on the site of the Eli Whitney museum. It is set up in the original area where Eli Whitney had several factories (much different than our present day understanding of a factory). The river which powered the water wheel which ran the factory is still there with waterfalls. The actual museum is in one the incarnations of the factories that stood on the land. I haven't put up any pictures yet, but here's their website It is such a nice place to go for a nature walk or bird watching. It is near a place called East Rock in Hamden, Connecticut.

Unfortunately the leaves were only in the very beginning stages of changing colors, so I didn't get to see the spectrum of nature's autumn palette today. I will go back again though. The air has been so crisp and cold for the past couple of days. The temperature is only in the 50s. It is a quick change.

Well, I guess this is a short post tonight, but I hope you will check back. I hope you have a wonderful day or evening (whenever you are reading this.).

Til next time!

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