Saturday, October 3, 2009

I played with a spoiled bunny this Saturday morning....

I played with one of my bunnies this morning. She is becoming quite spoiled. She has an extra particular liking for oatmeal. That is also usually my breakfast of choice in the morning. She likes it raw, I like it cooked with raisins, cinnamon or other wonderful things added to it. We have a whole morning routine which includes a dance done by her, her bowing her head down to be petted, she nudges me, then I give her oatmeal (just a small amount).

She is a beautiful black and white spotted lop. She is not the one in the profile photo, though one of my weaknesses is black and white spotted bunnies. I do love all bunnies though. Especially if they have a sad story. This one was returned to a store for having a baby. Potential pet owners should educate themselves more before buying or adopting even. A great resource for bunny info is . It helped me a great deal. The House Rabbit Society is great for all kinds of resources.

Perhaps this rain will help perpetuate the changing of the fall leaves and their colors. In the past few years, it seems to just bring the leaves down to the ground. I'll keep you posted.

I have also been adding new designs to the store this rainy chilly fall day. If you are new here, you can check out my website which has links to the different shops.

I do thank you for stopping by and look forward to your stopping by again!!

Til next time!!

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