Friday, February 24, 2012

Have you seen a Jackalope?

Editor's note: This is for fun, but as for fair warning: taxidermy and slight innuendo are in this post, if this might offend you.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.

Have you ever seen a Jackalope? I've seen lots of them-kind of like the Unicorn horns I saw in the Cloister's Museum in New York City, the Jackalope is more common here in the USA!  Usually, I've seen them on t-shirts and bar signs, but then when I was on vacation in the woodsy northern New England states last year, I saw a real one! That's right.
Well maybe I better back up a bit and tell you what a Jackalope is supposed to be!  According to the latest entry on Wikipedia, it is:  "a mythical animal of North American folklore (a so-called "fearsome critter") described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns or deer antlers and sometimes a pheasant's tail (and often hind legs). The word "jackalope" is a portmanteau of "jackrabbit" and "antalope", an archaic spelling of "antelope". It is also known as Lepus temperamentalus.". (source: ).

Another website describes them as: "an aggressive species, willing to use its antlers to fight. Thus, the jackalope is also sometimes called the 'warrior rabbit.'

The jackalope is the product of a male jackrabbit and a female antelope. Jackalopes possess an uncanny ability to mimic human sounds. In the Old West, when cowboys would gather by their campfires to sing at night, jackalopes would frequently be heard singing back, mimicking the voices of the cowboys. Jackalopes become especially vocal before thunderstorms, perhaps because they mate only when lightning flashes—or so it is theorized—which explains the rarity of this species." (source: )

Traits that are supposed to be common to Jackalopes (source: ) :
  • Size: Males to 24″, Females to 20″
  • Weight: Avg. 6 to 8 lbs. Binge up to 12 lbs.
  • Horns: Up to 12 inches across; 2 to 3 points common
  • Coat: Tawny-brown, lighter on chest and underside
  • Disposition: Secretive, easily agitated
  • Habitat: Grasslands and KOA Campgrounds
  • Range: Western North America into Canada
  • Diet: Grasses, beenie weenies, smores
  • Mating Ritual: Only during intense lightning strikes
  • Population: Less than 10,000 (2000 Census)
  • Predators: Taxidermists and tourists
  • Status: Endangered to threatened
  • Traits: Sure footed and agile; nocturnal; opportunistic; crude ability to mimic campground chatter; fondness for whiskey and Harley Davidson oil lines; will attack if cornered or provoked. 

Now it seems many of the sources on Jackalopes call it folklore, hoax or legend.  This surprises me. But then again, people don't think Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster are real.  Or the unicorns either. Unicorns are probably just extinct.  I have found a website that examines the conspiracy of the Jackalope. It looks interesting. They have sightings, photos, video, everything to prove the majestic and very rare Jackalope really exists! I suggest you check it out for yourself and decide!  Click here for Jackalope Conspiracy website.

Now early on, I told you that I saw a Jackalope on my vacation in the woods of  northern New England. I have a photo that I want to show you that I took of it!  We got lost in the Green Mountains in the car and stopped at campground for directions. We asking for directions and there it was!  He must have been a young one because the antlers were a bit smaller than you see on some.

Okay, so it wasn't alive, but look, it's real! The store was in the woods at the Crawford Notch Campground. It all exists! Someday, I know, now really...I will...seriously see a live Jackalope. I will respect him, but I have this 6th sense for finding and befriending rabbits (he's part rabbit!)...who's to say that I won't find one and befriend him or her.  They found unicorns hundreds of years ago. I just hope the jackalope is more able to elude the humans who seek out his magic powers (his milk is said to be a great aphrodisiac, because he has antlers-sometimes called the "horny rabbit".) and not become extinct, like I believe has happened to the unicorn.

Seriously, just by googling "jackalope" you can find all kinds of fun stuff on him. Hope you enjoyed this.

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