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February is Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month: Save A Life!

Former Easter Dump Adoptee Jamie

Former Easter Dump Adoptee Grumbles (an affectionate name actually!)
Okay, it never dawned on me until now, so late in the month of February that this is Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month.

Having rabbits in my life is one of the most rewarding things. Not all of my rabbit came from rescues (from before I knew better). I have taken in rabbits that others decided they didn't want or couldn't hold on to. I have been called the Rabbit Lady in many places that I have worked or been involved with. I'm sure other rabbit owners get similar nicknames. Some bunnies over the years were rescues that people considered "Easter Dumps", that is: bunnies that were impulsively bought as Easter gifts like a toy and then dumped when people decided they were more than just a cute toy, but a living breathing creature they didn't realize is a commitment and has needs. Although those that truly learn about bunnies, take the time to get to know them, will find out how special they are & won't ever want to let go of the piece that was missing from their lives, not everyone comes to that conclusion. They get dumped in parks, the woods, on farm property and at shelters. The best choice of those is a shelter. The rescued Easter dumps that I've taken in have been some of the best company and brought some of the most joy into my life and that of others!
Former Easter Dump Adoptee Trixie

Not only does adopting a bunny bring joy into your life, you can really make the life of a bunny special, by adopting one. You can show it real love, the kind it didn't know before. It is one of the most incredible feelings that I can't even begin to describe. It is an investment that keeps rewarding you over and over again. Not only can you make their lives special, but you may even save a life! There are rabbits that get euthanized when put in a shelter that does kill them if they aren't adopted within a certain amount of time. Those stories break my heart.  One of my bunnies, Lizzie (whom I lost a year ago shortly after her husbun passed away), was given to one of those shelters, but saved by a no-kill rescue. They were told that she was unadoptable because she was vicious. I took her in to foster her and instantly got attached to this "vicious" bunny that begged for affection and accepted it every time it was offered.  She was a big (Flemish Giant mix) bundle of affection that went from foster to adoptee, when someone else showed an interest in her on Petfinder (couldn't give her up). I could absolutely not understand what was supposed to be vicious about her. She was super sweet, but a bit shy and easily frightened.  A rescue that I took in later, was a big fat large white bunny named Nick (because he got beat up by other bunnies at a rescue and was "nicked"). He was afraid of everyone and everything. It took him a long time to become relaxed with us. One day, it dawned on us that they were both shy and might hit if off. We were doing a bonding thing where we put them near each other, but separately. The showed interest in the other through the safety of a barrier. Then we introduced them face to face under very guarded conditions. They wouldn't go near each other, until she approached him. He cowered. Then all of a sudden, they started smelling each other and checking each other out. They were pals that day and married the next!  None of this would have happened if Lizzy had been "executed" on death row. Nick and Lizzie were neutered. Originally they were victims of circumstances beyond their control, then through love they were loving companions to each other and to us humans too.

If you can't adopt a bunny right now, you can sponsor one in a rabbit rescue or make a donation to a rescue. You can also buy a Flat Bonnie toy , which was created to help educate about adopting bunnies and a certain percentage of money is given to rabbit rescues and educational organizations.

If you want to know more about adopting a bunny, you can check out the House Rabbit Society, where you find out just about anything you want to know about rabbits and adoption. Another place you can help out rabbit rescues by donating to them and learn about rabbit adoption is at Baskets for Bunnies (don't forget to check out the story of the adopted bunny Flopsy Parker while you are there!).  A great place to look for rabbit rescues and shelters where you can adopt a rabbit is at Petfinder, where you look at listings, usually with photos and good descriptions right on line. You can search by different ways too- by location, type of animal, age, etc. I love Petfinder.

If you can't adopt a bunny right now, which it's good if you aren't being impulsive about the thought, then perhaps you may be willing to sponsor one or make a donation to a rescue.  Share this info with others, please.

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