Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rabbit Craft Community

Hi, Just here to tell you today about a page on Facebook called "Rabbit Craft Community" where you can check out the crafts of other rabbit lovers where there is stuff for bunnies such as rabbit toys, treats, etc.  Or you can find rabbit themed items such as jewelry, clothing, art, soap, and a variety of other things created by artists and crafters.

This is a great way to support fellow bunny lovers, local artisans and help stimulate the economy in a direct to the artist way.  Also, you will find unique gifts for yourself, family, friends and especially the bunnies that you won't find in a box store or chain store!

You can also usually communicate directly with the maker of the merchandise in most cases, which is something you can't do in a big chain or box store. You can ask questions, often ask for custom work or make suggestions.

We also want crafters and artists of rabbit related things to join us. Please just "like" the page, share away and we will repost!  It's also a great way to share events, contests, etc. you might be holding or be at.

We are interested in rescues or other non-profit rabbit organizations sharing their events,  craft auctions, stores, contests, etc.  We will repost and tweet as well!

Please stop by, "like" us, look around and share away as well! You can find Rabbit Craft Community by clicking right here!

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