Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Group Helps with Head Tilt in Rabbits

Hi there,

Just wanted to share about a closed (for your privacy) group we started on Facebook that's called Help for Head Tilt Hoppers. It's been having a lot of interaction with lots of different people who've either had bunnies with head tilt or those going through it seeking answers or sharing what's going on. They are also sharing what helps with all different aspects, as well as success stories. It's been a very positive group.

With my first head tilt bun, Ashes, I felt so helpless and scared. It was with lots of my own research, trial and error and a great second opinion from another vet that he recovered with some minor residual issues, but was a happy bunny.  The other thing that was a major help was help from others in forums such as Etherbun, which has existed before the days of Facebook. People were great.  Head tilt isn't something most people would know about, such as a next door neighbor, who otherwise could perhaps give advice on a pet dog or cat. Rabbits are gaining popularity, but still are surprising people as being a house pet when they find out. 

If you have or are dealing with head tilt in a rabbit, please join us. You can find us by clicking on the groups name here: Help for Headtilt Hoppers . Please share us with others. It's free. All you need to be is a member of Facebook.

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  1. This is great help for those that need it,good luck with it.xx Rachel