Friday, July 26, 2013

CT Chapter of Bunnies in Baskets Therapy Rabbits Starting!

Just wanted to share the excitement of how we are starting a chapter of Bunnies in Baskets, which is an organization that certifies and educates Therapy Bunnies. They are based in Portland, Oregon. Here I am sharing some background in an interview I did with their founder and organizer, Sarah Baran. I even interviewed one of their graduates, a therapy rabbit named Reggie Pani, whose interview is right here.

You will be seeing posts as we go through our organizing and set up. Bunnies in Baskets is a great organization, which caters to the needs of rabbits as visiting therapy animals getting certified and training/educating their owners as well.

I have done lots of visiting over the years, without any formal certification, because I owned bunnies and became totally enamored of them when one "seduced" my heart into his as a pet in a nursing home I worked at.  He followed me everywhere.

I then brought home a bunny, that was donated to the nursing home. From that day, I was hooked.  That bunny and others I owned (or they owned me) did lots of visits in lots of ways, sharing their magical love,  in lots of places which give me lots of stories to tell.

Some places want  "certified therapy animals" and are also hesitant to take rabbits in because they don't know anything about them and that makes them a bit nervous. With that in mind, we want to share the bunny magic with certification from people that know rabbits and can educate well. Some of this can go way beyond the visiting therapeutically, but can help educate people on how wonderful these companion animals are.

 So, please stay tuned as the Connecticut Chapter of Bunnies in Baskets gets off the ground and you can see how we develop. Hopefully, by chronicling this, we can help provide others in other places with some information that might be helpful in starting their own chapter!

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