Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reggie Pani: Therapy Bunny-Exclusive Interview

  • Being A Bunny in a Basket Comes Natural to Reggie!

    Hello, Thanks to all have joined us today! We have an interesting and special guest interview today. Reggie Pani has completed his training in the Bunnies in Baskets training program which we will have him tell you more about. He also recently did his first post-training visit on Easter Sunday to a nursing home. Reggie is a very dashing, handsome and good sized English Lop (butterscotch caramel colored and white) rabbit who is quite charming and social as well. Also, I should add, he is a great listener with those ears! Who better than to be a Bunnies in Baskets bunny and graduate?  Perfect for the job...If we have you wondering, then please read on- we are very happy you are here and think you will find this all interesting and fun!

    RS (Rabbit Slippers): Hi Reggie, thank you so much for joining us here today! I am so excited to have you here. I actually interviewed Sarah Baran, the founder (human) and head of Bunnies in Baskets (click here for link to interview with Sarah Baran) . Initially I was excited because for years I worked in the health care field and for a number of them I brought my rabbits in to visit, especially in nursing homes. The interactions are a special magic that happens! Then I was excited about a whole organization dedicated to it, but then trains rabbits and humans also! This is really neat! Then when I heard that you had been taking the training course, I wanted to hear all about it from the bunny! So to begin, please tell us about how you first heard about Bunnies in Baskets!

    RP (Reggie Pani):I first heard about the organization from my friend Vicki who had signed up for the course. But I am friends with Cloey (a bunny) and Sarah Baran and we have always had fun going to parties together.

    A relaxed and very good listener!

    RS: Tell us a bit about the organization as you understand it. What do they do?

    RP: They are dedicated to helping people know and hold a bunny and finding the joy in interacting with us.

    RS: What interested you in the training and doing the bunny visits? Have you seen others do it, for example? Do you know someone that was doing it? How did you hear about it? It's such a rewarding thing to do!
    The kind that the ladies want to hold on to!

    RP: I love people and my mommy loves to see the joy and the smiles when they see me!!

    RS: How long did you have to train for? How many times and how long each time did you go for the training?

    RP: I have been going out and seeing people and interacting with them since I was 4 months old.I will be 3 years old in June.

    RS: Were there any requirements such as age, being neutered, health check or behavioral requirements asked of you?

    RP:  I had a well check with Dr.Karen Martin..She passed me with flying colors and she filled out an evaluation on my personality.Yes,I am neutered!
    Reggie just works sooo hard!

    RS: Did you train with your mom? What did they require of her?

    RP: Yes..I' m always with my mom...She had to do the lessons in the book....and shes been doing this type of Therapy work for years..with bunnies ,horses and dogs. 

     RS: What was it like to train? Did they have items such as walkers, canes, etc. around to get you used to them? Did you have to get used to being in a basket on someones lap? What types of things did they have you do?

    RP: No need for that...Nothing fazes me..I'm awfully big in some laps!!! I have ridden in a basket my whole life,,,it comes natural for a bunny to be in a basket..If I see one on the floor..I will get in it, Mommy takes me in a stroller to the facility.
    Reggie has a way of bringing people together!

    RS:  Did you practice with real people or go to any health care facilities and get some practice or to just see what the setting was like?

    RP: No practice..I've been around..

    RS: Did you go with friends or meet any new bunnies or human friends?

    RP: I have made lots of new friends on my visits!

    RS: What will happen from here on in? Do you have anything you would like to add?

    RP: Looking forward to going next to U.C.P. UNITED CEREBRAL PALSY...Its really fun over there...mommy told me.she has been many times in the past..It will be my first time there!

    RS:  Is there anything that is particularly meaningful to you so far or that I missed in asking that you would like to share?

    RP: I just love all the hugs and kisses I get...People get so happy when they see me!!
    All in a day's work!
    RS: Reggie, thank you so much for sharing with us!  You are welcome back any time to update us on your adventures!  You are quite the charming personality and  pleasure to have around.

    To get to know Reggie Pani, the bunny, on Facebook, you can find him at the following link:
    (Click here! )

    Reggie also works as an au pair!   


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  1. Thanks for joining me,I thought Iwould return the favour.RP your are one handsome bun and those ears love them (mum too)and you have some great posts too some more for mum some more for me can't wiat to see some more,oh and well done for the good job that you do!Speedy and Mum