Friday, May 4, 2012

Bunny Burrow Boutique Purchases Support Gainesville Rabbit Rescue

Hi There,
Excited here to tell you that Gainesville Rabbit Rescue is the designated recipient of donations for the month of May at the Etsy shop, The Bunny Burrow Boutique.  The shop continues listing new items for sale and being new is still evolving and growing! Bunny Burrow Boutique's commitment to helping rabbit rescues and rabbit welfare organizations (such as the House Rabbit Society) is very important to us.

To top it off, for every purchase made at Bunny Burrow Boutique, a donation of one dollar ($1.00) will be made to Gainesville Rabbit Rescue until the end of day on May 31st, 2012. This organization rescues bunnies full-time 24/7/365.

Gainesville Rabbit Rescue was heard of nationwide last year around this time of year when a rabbit breeder was threatening to gas her bunnies because she couldn't afford to be in the business anymore. I couldn't find any news stories on Google (I will update this when I do), but there was one link that mentions Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Louisiana (another great rescue). They were alongside Gainesville Rabbit Rescue with many other rescue volunteers from other states coming to help out the bunnies. Here is the link I have for now...(click here). Here is Gainesville Rabbit Rescue's website (click here) and Facebook page (click here).

Please stop by the Bunny Burrow Boutique. There are rabbit-themed jewelry items, but it's not limited to that! There are nature and animal themed items and just some nice pieces that would appeal to anyone. Please also "like" us on Facebook. By the way, there is free shipping for any purchase also.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Check out the new Etsy shop "Bunny Burrow Boutique" with handmade rabbit-themed and other jewelry, art and the occasional vintage item! Here's the link: Bunny Burrow Boutique  Please also "like" the Bunny Burrow Boutique Facebook page too! Some of the money also goes to rabbit rescues and non-profit organizations! Thanks for checking us out. Also, just for reading Rabbit Slippers Blog,  you can use the coupon code: "RABBITSLIPPERS1" at checkout to get a 20% discount off your purchase  until the end of day May 31st, 2012.                                                        

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