Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ten Ways to a Happier Bunny

Here are some great ways to make your rabbits life a lot happier! To get the best, safest and most accurate information on any of these ways of how to make your rabbit happier, check out the House Rabbit Society website at .

1) Neuter your Rabbit: Neutering your rabbit will help eliminate behaviors that stress you and the bunny out.

2) Interact with your Bunny: Bunnies are quite social, but just be patient with him or her. Remember they are prey animals and take time to trust you, as opposed to a dog or cat, which are predatory animals.

3) Give your Bunny Toys: Bunnies are intelligent and like to exercise their bodies and minds. Toys can be simple things such as a corrugated cardboard box or an inner roll tube from toilet paper.

4) Rotate your Bunny's Toys: Just like us, rabbits get bored with doing the same thing all the time. If you remove toys and put out different ones regularly, they are likely to look at their old toys with a new burst of enthusiasm when placed out again. Keeping a bunny stocked up with toys and rotating them will also help eliminate negative behaviors such as chewing.

5) Bond your Bunny with a Friend: Just as much as you can be social with your rabbit, it is great to be able to bond them with another bunny, especially if you are not home often. Bonding is something that should take place slowly and be monitored. Check out the House Rabbit Society website link at the top of this article.

6) Keep Your Bunny's Environment as Stress Free as Possible: Bunnies can stress easier than many other animals, so keeping the environment more low key, less noise and quick paced young children, for example, will help your bunny feel his or her best! Reduced stress in the environment probably would help you too!

7) Give your Bunny Play Time: Rabbits love to play, are very social and quite entertaining to themselves and to us! Along with the toys and other interesting things in their environment, it is very healthy for them to give them time out of their cages (if not totally free range in the house) for play and exercise in a safe environment.

8) Give Your Bunny Play Space: Healthy exercise and play for rabbits includes having space to run, explore and hop around. Those legs are made for hopping. This will also help your bunny maintain a healthy weight and help prevent issues that come with being sedentary.

9) Learn your Bunny's Language: Bunnies, like other animals including humans, have their own noises and body language. Learning what these are can go a long way in helping you understand them and for you to communicate with them. They are intelligent, have good memories and are very social! Getting to know some of the basics and learning my own bunnies methods of communicating certain things has greatly enriched my relationships with them!

10) Keep your Bunny As Healthy As Possible: Getting regular vet checks, feeding bunnies the right stuff (such as hay being number one), getting exercise and watching your bunny for signs of sickness or different behaviors (actually anything different) can go a long way in keeping your bunny healthy. (Bunnies are prey animals and won't show being ill or in pain, but will hide it as an instinctual form of defense against predators). Healthy bunnies are happy bunnies and will make our lives fuller and happier too!

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