Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quiet Night without the hubby....

Hi there, This is just a quiet night with hubby away to help his mom with something . It will be nice to relax and have quiet. Going to work on some drawings and ideas tonight. I am looking forward to the big fair this weekend. I get to see bunnies and other cool animals, as well as the fiber animals. Get to have some homemade apple pie and other goodies. I allow myself to eat less healthy on occasions like this and holidays within reason. Only a few more days.
Thought I would share this new link to the Rabbit Hop Shoppe with this latest design http://www.zazzle.com/black_bunny_greeting_card-137109198302678611?rf=238528131032322042 . Let me know what you think.
Not much to say tonight. I hope that life is going well and is pleasant for those reading this at the moment.

Til next time!!

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