Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some Favorite Posts from 2011


Thought you might enjoy some of our more popular Rabbit Slippers posts as well as some of my favorites from 2011 before we get deeper into the new year of 2012.  Although I have some favorite interviews which were also popular, they will be in separate interview posts.

My brother kept teasing me about a piece of "furniture" at my father's place out of state.  My father used it as a shelf for magazines- that's what he saw it as.  I thought it was just a nicely made doll bunk bed my dad picked up a  local handcrafted wood furniture store up in Maine (known for it's pine trees and craftsmen!) where he lived.  My brother kept calling it "The Bunny Bunkbed" and kept insisting I take it home for we were cleaning out my dad's place for him to go to an assisted living place. So my husband and I decided to try it out as "The Bunny Bunkbed" and this was the result. Click on the link below!
The Bunny Bunk Bed

A Close-up of Grumbellina in the lover bunk.

Another favorite of mine is "The Bunnies of Christmas". I participated in a Christmas Blogshare and had to tie bunnies to Christmas. I tried to make it special in my own way, I worked in nursing homes, a rehab hospital and in a mental health setting for years.  I also volunteered at several nursing homes. During my volunteer work and sometimes in my career, I brought bunnies in to visit the residents or clients. Here is the holiday time visit at an assisted living place. Click on the link below!
The Bunnies of Christmas

One of the Bunnies of Christmas

Many of you are probably familiar with Flat Bonnie, a beautifully made toy bunny, who promotes the adoption of rabbits.  One thing about Flat Bonnie, is that on the website and FB page, many people take photos of Flat Bonnie in places where they travel...with Flat Bonnie! It is similar to those traveling gnome commercials. I was so impressed with my Flat Bonnie that I started to bring her places. On my ten year anniversary second honeymoon trip with my husband to the Rabbit Hill Inn (an incredible place!) in Vermont, Flat Bonnie tagged along. I took pictures of  Flat Bonnie there. They are special. Flat Bonnie took on a life of her own, made bunny friends there and decided to live there! I understood her love of the place and new friends so I let her stay. It is a delightful piece. See how enchanting the Rabbit Hill Inn is and why Flat Bonnie decided to stay. Lots of photos! Click on the link below!
Flat Bonnie Decides to Live at the Rabbit Hill Inn

Flat Bonnie posing at the Rabbit Hill Inn

This is getting long, so I think I will actually create another post with favorites from 2011.  Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to spending the rest of 2012 with you.

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