Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Favorite Posts from 2011

Here are some favorite posts from 2011. This is the second post in sharing some favorite and more popular Rabbit Slippers posts from last year as we move along with the new year. Hope you enjoy them.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice, which is totally non-invasive, and at the very, very least,  it is very relaxing.  The particular experience discussed here is on a rabbit with head tilt named Ashes from a few years back. It really seemed to help my poor boy quite a bit!
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Bunny Reiki: My Experience

My father passed away in May of 2011. In his old age, due to some dementia (vascular) he could be cranky, impatient and stubborn. Well, some of that was his personality anyway, but it became a lot worse with age and dementia. I look at people individually and don't classify people by stereotypes, which I just wanted to clarify in those statements. He also had old-fashioned attitudes toward women. He respected them, but in an old fashioned way. He thought I was going to college to meet a husband for example. He liked to tease me about my rabbits a lot too. He liked to act crusty on the outside, but was a softy inside, especially for children and animals.
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My Dad and my Rabbits

I love history, especially everyday life types of examples of history. When my husband and I stayed at the Rabbit Hill Inn in Vermont, there was an authentic tin chandelier (read the post for details), which was originally used in what was the ballroom of the inn in the 1800s. There is a neat story as to why it was there. The story goes on with some discoveries at Old SturbridgeVillage (an open-air living history museum) in Massachusetts.
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Lighting History Took Place at Rabbit Hill Inn

There are other favorite and interesting posts, feel free to explore Rabbit Slippers blog for a variety of topics.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day.
Mary Ellen

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