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Love at First Bite? Nestle Frey Tells All

I am  lucky to have an interview with a special guest today! He is Nestle Frey, a handsome lop rabbit that lives with a human, "The Girl", and a significant other female lop (practically Nestle's twin), Merilee.  Nestle has several friends on Facebook that treat him with celebrity status as he keeps us glued to all he shares of his life with Merilee, the girl and others such as "the baby". Nestle shares candidly about all we want to know of him.

RS:  How does it feel to be an adopted rabbit?
NF:  I cannot lie, I came from a pet store 4 years ago…the girl said she knows better now and will only get a shelter bunny in the future (like merilee) but she saw me and fell in love with me and had to take me home!

RS:  Would you share your story with us-about adoption, ect.?
NF:  I don’t have much of a story. I’ve been with the girl since I was a baby bunny! Merilee, my significant other, was adopted though.

RS:  How do you get along with the baby that visits in your FaceBook pages?
NF: The baby used to scare me! She used to be on the floor all the time and there was always drool coming out of her mouth, yuck! And sometimes she would just scream really loud and I would always hide from her. But now she is on her feet and she knows how to give me food and that’s good! I love food, I beg every chance I get. I act like I’m starving but I’m obviously not because I’m supposed to be a mini lop but at 7-8 pounds the girl says I’m a maxi lop! The girl says the baby is a “niece” whatever that means…

Meeting Merilee!
RS: How did Merilee come into your life?
NF: The girl was online one day on petfinder and she saw this girl bunny who looked just like me and she was at a shelter in RI and that’s only about an hour away from us (we are in CT) so next thing you know we’re in the car going to see her! And I was annoyed about the whole thing because I don’t like the car and really didn’t want a “girlfriend” I had this nice routine of eating breakfast in the a.m. and then I’d go in the living room and spend the whole day under the couch doing NOTHING and then I’d come out at night when everyone was in bed. The girl thought I was lonely but really I was fine. Eating and sleeping are the only things on my agenda.
Merilee as a foster bun- she-s penned & I'm not!!

RS: What is her story?
NF:Merilee is about a year older than me (she’s about 5) and the girl said she has been in and out of the shelter (Sweet Binks) a couple times. I think her family was moving and couldn’t take her one time and then I don’t know why she was returned a second time? It could be because she has a real attitude problem…that’s what the girl says anyway. She snaps and growls at people a lot. I told her she shouldn’t do that but she doesn’t listen to me either. She bit the girl on the butt recently when she was cleaning our litterbox. I told her that was a bad move but she wasn’t sorry. She doesn’t want the girl in our area or touching our stuff at all. I know the girl is just helping us but she doesn’t know that… I think Merilee is just angry because people haven’t always been nice to her so she’s not always nice to people!

RS: Did you like being a bachelor? Is it better being in a committed relationship?
NF:YES I did! I don’t know why the girl insisted I had to have a girlfriend… I mean sometimes it’s nice when it’s cold and we snuggle together or when she grooms me because there are certain places I can’t reach (like the top of my head) but sometimes she’s bossy and tries to tell me what to do and I don’t like that. I guess it’s like human relationships and some days you love your significant other and some days NOT so much!

RS: How did you choose Merilee?
NF: Well, it was not love at first sight that’s for sure. I know the girl thought it would be cute to have matching bunnies and all but Merilee and I both have strong personalities (Rabbitude the girl says) and we were not going to get along without a fight. The girl brought me to Sweet Binks and put me in a pen and then put other bunnies in to see if I’d like them, UGH! I did not like any of them including Merilee. So I went home alone and remained a bachelor for a few weeks. Back to hiding under the couch all day…until one day when the girl brought Merilee home and put her in a pen right in the middle of MY living room! I was so mad! It was a good thing the girl put 2 gates around Merilee because I wanted to rip her tail off! Merilee stayed in the pen for a couple weeks and then the girl decided to put us in the dry bathtub together to see if we could get along…brilliant idea, Merilee pounced on me and kicked my butt! She bit my ear and made me bleed and that’s when I started to like her just a little…she’s spunky!

RS:  Do you have anything that you want to add?
NF: Yes, the girl had her “bunny whisperer” friend come over and have a chat with Merilee and tell us what was bothering her…she told us that Merilee was feeling scared and insecure and that she was mad because she was locked up in the pen and I was running all over the house. So she told the girl to put ME in the pen…the nerve of her!? So the girl put me in the pen and let Merilee out and then had us change places every 12 hours or so…she began to notice that the bunny who was “out” would stay close to the pen next to the bunny who was “in.” Sometimes they really couldn’t tell who was who because we look so much alike. (but Merilee has a scar on her right ear and her head is much smaller than mine!) Then we started lying side by side with the pen in between us. And once we started grooming each other through the pen she knew it was time to take it down and let us be together. We have been together ever since and that was almost a year ago. We have never had a fight since the bathtub incident! Oh and the girl’s friend Deb (the bunny whisperer) turned out to be a nice lady who happens to run “The Lagomorph Lodge” which is a vacation spot for bunnies. The girl went away this summer and we went there for 10 days on vacation too! It was cool, there was good food and lots of room to run and other bunnies to say “Hello” to…but I could have done without the nail clipping, I don’t like that!

RS: Did you use the bonding service at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue?
NF: No, we didn’t go back after the girl brought Merilee home.

RS: If you did, What was it like?

RS: Did you use any other services at Sweet Binks?
NF: No, but the girl bought some shirts and some calendars from them. I was in their calendar(s) last year because I am so handsome!

RS: I understand that you are a Calendar Bun. In fact, I have one with
you in it for 2011. What are your plans with that for this year?
NF: I plan to do it again, if they’ll have me! Also, I was asked to be in Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue calendar too and I am honored to do that as well.

RS: Is Merilee a Calendar Bun also this year?
NF: Yes, Merilee is in all the photos I submitted for the calendars, because that’s what it’s all about…helping shelter buns find a home like Merilee did!

RS:: Where can we find these calendars?
NF: I will be posting the links on my facebook page every couple days! We already ordered the LMRR one and the Sweet Binks one will be ready to order soon. I’m nestle.frey on facebook in case you didn’t know!

RS: Do you have any organizations you promote or support that you
wish to share about?
NF: I want everyone to help/support their local bunny shelter!

RS: What do you like about living with "The Girl"-that human who
brings food, toys and houses to you among other things? Any complaints
about her (LOL), I promise not to tell her!?
NF: I LOVE bananas! I get ¼ of a banana every morning and it makes me happier than anything in this world! I also like marigold hay and bunny crackers! (their real name is “Lil’buddy snackers pretzel sticks”) I don’t like when the girl hugs me and I really don’t like when she puts me on my back in her arms and sings “rock a bye bunny” to me…but I know she loves me and I know I am safe and I know I am loved so I let her do it…she’s lucky I’m so wonderful! And I guess I’m lucky to have her too and I just wish every bunny could know how that feels… ❤
Begging for Banana

Eating Banana!
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Thank you Nestle for taking the time with us and also being so candid! Love your looks and personality!
Mary Ellen

Thank you for joining us here.
Mary Ellen
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