Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winds of change?

Today was quite the balmy, but blustery day. The gusty warm winds blowing things about outdoors always bring about some untamed side of myself from within wanting to be mischievous or to explore new avenues in life. It brings about my sense of adventure. Perhaps it somehow blows away the dust and cobwebs inside and brightens up that urge to turn over unturned stones down totally different paths.

Something to ponder this evening, to let drift into my dreams and see where it takes me. Something to think about, but not too hard. The point is to let it take shape on its own. It will come about and we will meet. Then I'll find which way to take it. It is fun. The key is to not push it too hard or let the light go out.

I hope that you find the light to light your way to a new adventure.

Til next time!

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