Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waiting for a hot cup of tea from my husband.....

Hi there!
It is a little chillier tonight, but not too bad. I am working on some photos for work for one of my supervisors to bring to a conference. Anyways, enough about work. I am waiting for my husband to bring me a nice hot cup of herbal tea which he started to make for me. If he is in the right mood he will do that for me. It is nice after a long day at work.

I went to a flower farm today. They are selling mainly mums this time of year. Of course there are pumpkins, cornstalks and other fall seasonal decor they sell. The smell is wonderful. I didn't even realize that mums can be fragrant, but the ones they sold at this farm were! I didn't buy alot but I bought some and some small pumpkins. I gave in and bought an ice cream cone also. There were horses, goats and chickens. There is a bunny that often can be seen at this farm hopping around, but the owner of the farm told me she is pregnant and laying low.

I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your day or evening.

Take care for now. Sorry so short.
Until next time!

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