Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did get out today and took a few local fall photos...

It turned out to be a nice day after all later in the day. I did get out and get some nice fall photos taken. We definitely are not at peak leaf peepin foliage yet, but it's on its way. These sunflowers were from a field of dying sunflowers.

I live in an area that has some farmland, but it is being sold to developers and it disgusts me. I moved to this area because it had a small town feel and the agricultural aspect, but this seems to be disappearing. The development is of sheet rock mansions (mc mansions), industrial parks and big box stores on main roads. I am trying to capture what I love in these photos and share it with anyone who is interested. I plan on voting in our local election in favor of those who are in favor of what I show in these photos.

I try to enjoy the outdoors now in my life. I really took it for granted when I was younger. Today so many people spend their life in doors and aren't used to the world outside. Trying to keep more of this closer to our front doors, instead of creating many more wasteful types of front doors is important.

Getting back to foliage season. I should be going to Massachussetts next weekend for some family visits and events. I bet there will be some peak foliage photos coming back with me from there. I will share any gems. I will also try to share what is local to me also. That is important.

I also uploaded some designs to my shop on-line and will, either tomorrow or Monday, will get them on display on-line to be seen.

This has been a low-key but enjoyable day. Thanks for letting me share with you.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Til next time.....

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