Saturday, March 17, 2012

Earl's Story

contributed by Lynn Crory


In 2009 our rabbit Sophia Marie had passed away after only having her for 14 months do to cancer. And it was heartbreaking for me and told my husband that I did not want another rabbit or pet cause the pain hurts to much when you lose them. As always on a weekly basic I would go on my favorite shelters website were Sophia had came from and all of the sudden there was Earl.Hurricane Earl the shelter had named him. So the next day I went in with some goodies to the North Attleboro Animal Shelter for Earl..Not to take him home but to bring Karen the dog officer some needed things for him. I went in to the room where he was and asked if I could hold him and they said yes. I had read the story on how Earl had gotten to the shelter. He was found on a side road flea infested,soaking wet and left like trash on the side of a road. The lady that stopped  thought it was trash but at a closer look she had discover Earl. So the next day I went back to see him and the rest was history..Earl is a happy almost 4yrs old handsome guy that live with my 2 both rabbits that live in doors. He weighs 6.1 pounds and has allergies but His doctor says everything is all good. His doctor is the same one that the shelter uses and at his recent visit they told me that he looks amazing compared to the first visit were he was found on the side of the road. I send Karen @ the shelter pictures of Earl often. Karen and her staff are amazing with the animals and if it wasn’t for Karen we wouldn’t have Earl. Thank You for everything you guys do to help these beautiful babies.

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