Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blush's Story

contributed by Dana Donnelly

Blush's story really started in California. I had heard about Blush before I had ever seen her; a plea for yet another neglected bunny came across my Facebook wall: 
"Blush is our latest addition. She is a bunny in need suffering from a painful crushed pelvis.  We are doing everything we can to keep her comfortable while she heals from this devastating injury. Please keep this sweet bunny in your prayers."
I thought, this rabbit is 3000 miles away, the elusive "someone else" will help her; there is nothing *I* can do. But I couldn't get Blush out of my mind. 
I wanted to know more about her, what had happened to her. I couldn't help thinking maybe there WAS something I could do. 
I started talking to Linda Baley, who, with an army of dedicated volunteers, runs Too Many Bunnies, a rabbit rescue in Redondo Beach. Linda explained to me that Blush's former life was all too typical - sold by her breeder to an unscrupulous pet store, where she was again sold (probably as an Easter "gift" for a child) with one of her "sisters"- 
Blush and her "sister" ended up having three litters before Blush was even 2 years old. Then Blush was abandoned (along with her babies that lived) to the uncertainty of  an overcrowded Animal Control. Thankfully, Blush was one of the lucky ones taken in by Linda and Too Many Bunnies to be fostered until she found a forever home. 
 Blush was entrusted to a busy foster family, and for awhile, all was well. Until one day Linda got a phone call. "Something" was wrong with Blush. "The taxi is waiting. " the family said. "Come and put this rabbit to sleep," they said. "We are going on vacation." And that would have been the end of it. 

But it wasn't. 
 Linda took poor broken Blushie back to her house and looked at her. She saw through the pain the family ignored, she saw through the convenience of putting Blush out of her "misery"; she saw that Blush was NOT ready to die.
Using her own funds along with some emergency donations from an online fundraiser, Linda took Blush to be evaluated by a team of rabbit-savvy vetrinarians. 
The vets confirmed what had been suspected, this injury had NOT "just happened", Blush had been paralysed for awhile, and had been severely neglected. She also had scoliosis and degenerative bone disease. Linda did not give up on Blush. Working with the vets, they came up with a plan to help Blush heal. This had to include a real forever family for her. 
After much soul-searching and a lot of detail arranging, on October 7th, Blush came 3000 miles here to Ohio with her bonded "husbun" Smore to become a part of our family.  
(Smore is a neutered boy that is utterly and hopelessly devoted to Blush- he was inconsolable when it seemed she wouldn't make it; Now he rarely leaves her side.) 
Blush is paralysed and does not hop like a "normal" rabbit, she has to wear a diaper for hip support; she needs hydrotherapy and antibiotic shots every other day along with pain meds and a special diet. I see the vets more than I see some of my own family members; she will never be 100% and will need ongoing treatments for however long her brave soul chooses to stay with us but she is loved beyond measure. The rabbit that wouldn't give up on herself is in training to become a certified therapy rabbit, so she might help those that have given up on themselves.   
 Blush finally has her forever home.

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    Blush is indeed on her way to becoming the best advocate young girls with scoliosis ever had and she will be officially the 5th therapy bunny from Rabbit rescue. We are pleased beyond measure to have helped her and to have wonderful volunteers like Dana and her family all across the USA. Please contact us if you wonder what *you* can do to help - we need you!

  2. BLUSHIE!!! Blush and S'more are two of the sweetest bunnies you ever want to meet...along with their Angel Humans -Linda and Dana !!!Thanks so much for sharing this storya sad story ( as all too many bunnies know) but with a happy ending! Love you guys!

  3. This is my vote for this story!

  4. Blush and S'mores has got my vote