Saturday, March 17, 2012

Duchess's Story

Dear Rabbit Slippers,
       My name is Duchess, AKA Chocolate Bunny, AKA DuchessBunny. I was adopted from Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana....But I was actually rescued from another state!
   It all started in Florida when a breeder had more rabbits than she could afford, 77 to be exact. Because she couldn't pay to feed us anymore, she was going to put us all to sleep with a homemade gas chamber. The story then hit the local news where a zoo heard about it, and offered to pay $8 a rabbit and take us all and feed us to snakes!! Well she didn't want to do that either, so she was going to go ahead with her plan, until Gainesville Rabbit Rescue stepped in and offered to take in ALL of us, (with the help of other rescues) but this breeder lady wanted some $$, thankfully rabbit fans helped out and they were able to pay for all of us to get out of there! Since Gainesville couldn't house all 77 for us, let alone pay for all our spays and neuters, we were transported to various rescues, and I was fortunate enough to head over to Magic Happens Rescue! Although I was only supposed to stay there till I was spayed, and then head over to a different rescue.
 The Slave's Favorite Picture of me (She took that one a few days after I arrived)
   As soon as Magic Happens Rescue fans heard that there were going to be mini-rexes heading that way, a lot of foster-to-adopt homes opened up, and lucky for me, there were more "requests" for mini-rexes than there were mini-rexes that were going to be staying at MHRR, so I got to stay!!
My first time in the run outside
     My Slave had been one of those foster to adopt homes; you see, one of her first bunnies, Daisy had had a buddy, Maisy, but she had passed away earlier that year. Daisy didn't really need a buddy, and the Slave had tried to get her a buddy about a month after Maisy had passed, but that bunny was NOT very nice to Daisy!! So the Slave told herself that she wasn't going to try to bond her again....Until she saw the pictures of the mini-rexes coming in!! So the Slave ended up sending in an email, and was then asked which bunnies she was interested in. Her first choice had actually been a tri-colored mini rex, and I was her second choice!! (I still can't believe that!!) Lucky for me, the other bunny already had a home lined up for them, so after I was spayed, the Slave took me home. Sadly, Daisy became sick less than a month after I had been there, so we didn't really get to try to bond (Didn't want to stress Daisy anymore than she had too.), and about 3 months later Daisy passed away, they still don't know why. The Slave was heartbroken after losing her two bunny girls only 7 months apart, she still misses them a lot. She had them both for around 5 years, she was very used to their habits, likes, and dislikes, so having a "new" bunny was very hard for her. It was a struggle that first month, but pretty soon I started growing on her. You see, I looooove head rubs, I close my eyes, put my head down, and sometimes even flop, which just melts any Slave heart, as I just enjoy them so much! I also love to show off by doing binkies, and, of course, my diggy dance, which I do on the bed. (I kick my back feet twice making this funny sound.) I also get into silly moods where if a Slave tickles me, I'll binky. From what we can figure, I"m between 2-3 years old, but we can't exactly go on behavior since while I was with the breeder I lived in an all wire cage and only had pellets. No toys, no hay, and only the bunny next door for company. (Have I mentioned how much fun toys are? And how delicious hay is? And I can't forget the greens!!)
Another picture from my first time outside (Also experiencing grass for the first time!!)
   I've taught the Slave a lot over these past 8 months...Like how you need to hide wires, make sure anything plastic is put up, books are out of reach, and, most importantly chairs aren't out to where a certain bunny can jump on the table and get into chocolate. I've gotten the Slave to create my own blog ( and also my fun blog, bunnyfunnies, I've been quite the ray of sunshine in the Slave's life, I am always finding some way to make her smile, no matter what's going on in her life. The Slave is so thankful to Gainesville for rescuing all of us, but she is VERY thankful to Magic Happens for taking me and 8 other bunnies in.  She doesn't quite know what she would do with herself without her little Chocolate Bunny around to put a smile on her face.
My first Valentine Card 2012
   I'm not sure if all the facts are completely right, you can read about it here. My name was previously Brownie, you can actually find my picture on there.
Check out my photos. The Slave says I'm a very good poser!!
                                                                                   Nose bonks,

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