Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eddie's Story

contributed by Sarah-Elizabeth Labelle
My Boy Eddie

I can still close my eyes and picture him, his skinny dishevelled shape. Half a rabbit, half something so depressing it hurt to look at him. His eyes were a dim blue against his yellow stained, matted coat – it was then the only thing that was truly beautiful about him. His sneeze left a patch of moisture under his nose, making him seem sickly, and sad. This rabbit wasn’t cute; no one was going to stare at him through a pet store window, begging, “Please mommy, may I have him”. He didn’t resemble an Easter bunny, but I’m sure at one point, he was meant too.

Eddison’s story begins in a place not too far from Ottawa, called Manitoulin Island. He was found amongst 400 other rabbits starving to death in the basement of someone’s home. This person was a horder, and what he collected was rabbits. He let them live in abysmal conditions, breeding, living and dying in their own filth. Someone came forward and brought the situation to the local human society. They became over run with ill, anti social rabbits who were suffering from inbreeding, pneumonia, snuffles and respiratory diseases.  Adoption agencies stepped forward all over Ottawa, taking the surviving 200 or so and divided them up. Eddison was chosen by New Moon Rabbit Rescue to come out to the small town of North Gower.

I found myself searching on the computer, trying to find a match for my lionhead, Simba. I didn’t want a baby bun again so I decided to start searching local human societies. By chance I came across New Moon’s page. I filled out their application, making note that I wanted a spayed female companion for my Simba. I loved the idea of a lop, because of their doe like eyes and lovely nature. I left it to fate and New Moon to make a good choice. It was a matter of days before I heard back,  they had a lop, but he was a boy. He just arrived, so they were unsure of his temperament, but he seemed to light up when people came around. I received a single picture when they emailed me, one skinny, yellow rabbit with dim blue eyes.

I decided to go and visit him, even though he was a boy. I walked up the stairs at New Moon and looked down into the pen where Eddison was optimistically poking about. He was cautious, careful, as if he had an entire new world to explore, and didn’t quite know what to do first. I picked him up, and he quickly got comfortable in my arms. The skinny, yellow bunny kissed my arm, and something told me I wouldn’t be leaving without him.

It took a month, 30 days to see Eddison completely transform. He was something entirely the same, but altogether different then what he was before. His coat had become glossy, white, and thick. He developed a pattern along his ears. His beautiful eyes grew bright, and eager to look at the world anew. He circles anyone willing to meet him, he loves to be pet and loved, and food – I’ve never seen a rabbit enjoy food as much as Eddie. It took only a week for Simba and Eddison to be fast friends. The two are more then inseparable. They have become brothers.

Eddie’s life changed for the better, and he completed my life. He shows how thankful he is each and every day. He’s always pleased to see me, and better, please to be alive. He isn’t a listless, depressed bun. His life has meaning. Because Eddison was such a success, I later decided to share my home with two other foster care rabbits. They are currently being rehabilitated in my home, and I see a very bright future for them as well.
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