Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mrs. Moop, Hedwig and Alice

contributed by Lhanna Frost (Scotland)

Mrs Moop.

Initially, I met Moop two months after her owner had bought her, on a whim after seeing her in a petshop. She was called Molly and was a friendly, happy and inquisitive bunny, full of licks and cuddles. I met her again, about a year later, to find her cooped up in a dirty hutch, full of anger, and making this sporadic screaming sound; a sound I never wish to hear again. I got a joint tenancy with her owner, a former student buddy, and moved her in with Nismo, my bunny. After talks with her owner, I discovered he had gotten bored of her, as she had stayed away during a house move, and became timid upon return. Instead of encouraging her, he had decided she wasn't worthy of his time and had gotten an extremely lively puppy. He never cleaned her hutch, fed her when he remembered, forced her from her hutch and encouraged the puppy chase her around the laminate flooring to impress dates . . . and when he was bored.
Clearly, the flatshare went downhill, as I never felt the rabbits were safe when he was around – I found bb pellets from a bb gun in her hutch (I never new what these were at the time, I only found out upon showing my boyfriend). He then confided he was going to give her to the SPCA, as that was the only rescue option available in Scotland at that time. Upon finding out he would need to make some form of donation, he decided to 'set her free' instead, as she was just a hindrance to him.
After four months of caring for her, and making slim progress, I offered to adopt her; he was against it initially, but once I had mentioned the abuse she had suffered, and that I was willing to do something about it, he relented.  So her and my Nismo moved to my mums for safety, while my boyfriend and I bought a house, and got as far away from him as possible.
I have since reported him to the correct authorities who couldn't take action at the time as I reported him after the situation, but keep a close eye on him.

Since moving into our new home a year ago, we renamed her Moop and she has blossomed; once again loving, alternatively affectionate but still fears humans to an extent. As I'm typing this, she jumped onto my footrest for attention; I gave her a noserun, received a lick then she hopped of and binkied to Nismo; Proof that a rescue bunny is just as rewarding, if not more than buying a kit.


Hedwig was my first foster bunny. He was found near a known rabbit loving farmers home, and spotted hopping down his road; clearly not a wild bun as he had the most gorgeous orange and white coat ever!
Initially the farmer took him in, but couldn't keep him so passed him to our agency and to me.
From the of he was extremely docile; he had been neutered and was extremely affectionate. A lot of the time, rescue bunnies hve once been a persons much loved pet until they got bored and started neglecting them. This was clearly the case with Hedwig, as he was fabulous with children, and extremely relaxed!
Within three months, he was adopted to a family who after passing a home check and having support to prepare their home from him drove from a neighbouring county to collect him, and take him home to be their family bunny.

Alice is a beautiful lionhead crossed with a new zealand white. The first year of her life was initially spent with caring owners who became bored of her and passed her to another owner. Once again, the cycle repeated and no one was interested in her. She was kept in her initial tiny hutch, locked outside with no chance to run, let alone stand to her full height.
They would throw her food in the bars, so she never got a chance to periscope and stretch her big legs. When Alice came to me she was happy to have space! She binkied from the night we got her, and has never stopped since. As she's part of a rescue, shes fully vaccinated and neutered.

We paired Alyce with Ollie; a much loved four year old house bun whose owner was emmigrating and wanted him to be happy.
Together they binky, flop and groom each other, they are one of the most in love pairs I have ever seen!
We are planning to bond them with my own pair, Moop and Nismo. I believe that all buns deserve a chance and not all rescue rabbits are vicious, and neglected; sometimes they've just ended up in unfortunate situations sadly. Please think rescue!
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