Saturday, March 17, 2012

Edison's Story

Rabbit Name: Edison

Rabbit Rescue Name: New Moon Rabbit Rescue

What type of bunny/description: Holland Lop, White, Neutered Male

Age: About 1 year

History: Edison is one of ten rabbits who came to New Moon from a massive
seizure in Northern Ontario.

Story: Edison, along with the other arrivals from the seizure, was immediately
treated for many issues relating to the horrible conditions he came from, including
an upper respiratory infection and rabbit syphilis. He luckily recovered very
While still in treatment, his gorgeous blue eyes and cute as a button face caught
the attention of a potential adopter on New Moon╩╝s Facebook page. It was love
at first sight when they met and he was adopted as soon as he completed his
treatment and was given a clean bill of health.
He lives in a wonderful home with a Lionhead brother named Simba, a puppy
and pet rats too! He loves to eat all the time and especially loves strawberries
and bananas.
Edison has brought nothing but happiness into the lives of his family members
and has even helped bring Simba out of his shell and make his life more
Other details: Edison loves to watch TV with Simba and his human mom! His
favourites include Toy Story, Ratatouille and Princess Mononoke. He is a mother
hen to the other animals in his family and loves them all. The rats love to sit
under his ears and bum and Edison never minds!
Tell a bit about your rescue/shelter:
New Moon Rabbit Rescue was formed in September 2006 with one main goal: to
provide unwanted, abandoned, neglected, or abused domestic rabbits with a
second chance at human love and appropriate care.
We are a "no-kill" organization dedicated to providing care for rescued domestic
rabbits. All rabbits remain in foster homes until such time as they are adopted to
loving, caring homes. As such, we are ALWAYS seeking new foster homes.
We work with high-volume shelters in order to give these rabbits a second
chance at adoption, as well as accepting stray rabbits and VERY
OCCASIONALLY, rabbits from owners surrendering their pet.

Mail: PO Box 24 North Gower, ON K0A 2T0

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  1. I vote for Edison! It's so wonderful to read about how his horrendous beginnings as the victim of a hoarder turned out so well in the end.

  2. This is my vote for this story

  3. This is my vote for this story