Thursday, February 16, 2012

Official Rabbit Adoption Story Contest (rules ect. included on this page).

Hello Folks!

Welcome to our biggest contest yet! Being near the season where impulsive rabbit purchases take place due to the Easter holiday and then within a short time becoming a throwaway either through dropping the bunnies off outdoors or dropping them off at an animal shelter (often getting killed due to shelters being overloaded or killed trying to survive after being dumped outdoors), we want to make people aware of the benefits of adoption, the commitment it takes, but also against the impulsive purchases.

We are looking for your successful rabbit adoption stories! Tell us the true story of a rabbit that was adopted from a rescue or shelter, is now living a happier life and is enriching the lives of the people the adopted bunny lives with.

Who can enter:
1) An individual who owns an adopted bunny (or more).

2) A rabbit/rescue shelter who adopts out rabbits.

3) An individual who knows someone who has adopted a rescue rabbit and shares that person's story.

What the story itself must contain:
1) The story must be about a rescued rabbit, bonded pair or small group that was adopted by an individual person or household/family unit from a legitimate rabbit rescue or shelter.

2) The story should contain as many elements as possible of the rabbit's history such as age, circumstances of how it ended up at shelter (i.e., dumped at park, Easter dump, abuse, etc.) if that info is available.

3) The story should tell how the adoption has benefitted the rabbit (i.e., did it save it's life, shy to outgoing, became playful, etc.) and how the rabbit benefitted the human it was adopted by.  Tell the story of the rabbit in the shelter's life and afterward. The purpose in telling this is to show other people how wonderful it is to adopt a rabbit.

4) Submit photos if you can with your entry.

5) Give the rabbit's name, the name of the rescue the rabbit is from.

How to enter:
1) E-mail the true story of a rescued rabbit adopted from a shelter with photos (if possible) of the rabbit to Rabbit Slippers at: by Sunday, March 11th, 2012 .

2) The stories will be posted on the blog by March 17th, 2012.

3) A participant can enter as many stories as they want up to different five stories (of different rabbits or bonded rabbits).

4) The story must be submitted accompanied snail mail address where a prize can be sent to if the story wins.  Rabbit Slippers will only use that information for sending the prize if your story wins, and for no other purpose.

5) The story submitted must be submitted with a Rabbit Rescue/Shelter mentioned, with contact info, e-mail address and a snail mail address to send the donation to. The rescue/shelter cannot be an individual.  It must be a legitimate shelter/rescue that can prove it is a rescue/shelter as judged by Rabbit Slippers blog. The information will only be used for the purpose of donating to the rescue. In some cases, shelters/rescues do not provide addresses to prevent drop-offs.  Rabbit rescues or shelters must provide an alternative or legitimate way for Rabbit Slippers to donate directly to them. A donation will not be given directly to an individual to give to the rescue, but will only be given by Rabbit Slippers Blog to the designated rabbit shelter/rescue directly.

6) The rescue must also be one that adopts out rescued rabbits.

How contest is judged:
1) Readers of the blog will vote on the best stories by leaving a comment on the story at the bottom in the comments section stating "This is my vote for this story".

2) A reader can vote for more than one story, but can only vote once on each story.

3) Voters can vote from Saturday, March 17th, 2012 until Monday, March 27th (which is the last day to vote).

3) The story with the most legitimate votes/comments will be the winner.

4) Anyone can vote, can vote on more than one story, but can vote only once on each story. You can encourage your friends to vote on a story by commenting on it at the end of the story in the comments section.

5) If there is a tie in the amount of votes in more than one story with the winning stories, the writer of Rabbit Slippers Blog will decide the winner by a drawing of names of the tied score stories.

1) $25.00 (in US dollars) will be donated to the rabbit rescue or shelter of the winner's choice by Rabbit Slippers Blog in your name.

2) A piece of rabbit jewelry will be given to the participant who submitted the winning story. A photo and description will be added soon to this part of the description (2/16/2012).

*Rabbit Slippers Blog reserves the right to judge submissions of entries, votes, and right to judge if a rabbit rescue or shelter is "legitimate" on an individual basis.  Rabbit Slippers Blog reserves the right to substitute an individual prize if necessary (such as if a piece of jewelry breaks) with a similar prize of equal value and style.

**Rabbit Slippers Blog reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules of the contest in order to clarify an already existing rule, only if necessary.

*** Questions & clarifications can also be sent to and addressed by writing to Rabbit Slippers Blog at:

Looking foward to reading and sharing your stories. 
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Thank You!
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