Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have A Rabbit Adoption Story to Tell? (Contest)

Do you have a successful rabbit adoption story to tell? Rabbit Slippers Blog would love to hear it and share it too!

Rabbit Slippers is interested in helping inform people of the beauty and benefits of adopting rabbits from shelters and rescues. We want to show how it saves lives and improves them. Tell us how you or someone you know has rescued a bunny (and/or more!) and how your new pal(s) have enhanced your life. Tell how you have improved their lives (especially if you know any background on the bunny- such was the bunny abused or neglected).

If you are a rescuer, please give us your stories too!  This is a contest. More details will be coming soon.  There will be a prize of a donation of $25.00 (in U.S. dollars) to the shelter/rescue of your choice and a piece of rabbit jewelry for the teller of the best story as judged in the contest.

The stories will be judged by the readers of Rabbit Slippers. The details of how this will be done will be announced very soon also.

This post will be updated and future posts will be posted soon. We just really want you to start thinking right now!  You can come up with more than one story too! If you have photos that will help tell your story those can be used also.

Please stay tuned.
Here is a link to the rules and details of the contest:  Click Here! Rabbit Slippers Adoption Story Contest Rules/Details

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  1. I posted my tale of how I got Mr. Mick in my own blog a couple of years ago. Here it is:

    1. I will take a look! Is it a story you would like to enter? I will try to post contest details tomorrow! Thanks, Mary Ellen

    2. I would definitely like to enter it! I figured it was better to post the link than to write it all over again. :)