Friday, November 30, 2012

The Earthern Cavy

If you are like me, you are probably looking for great gifts for the holidays. I wanted to share a special online shop with you where you can find special handmade ceramic and pottery goods as well as have great animal portraits done also! For the record, I don't get anything in any way for writing this post.

This shop is owned and operated by a great fur pal lover and slave (charitably allowed to be called their owner by her real furry owners) named Sarah Alderete.  Her work is high quality and consistently beautiful. I have heard many people repeatedly talk about her wonderful work and show off pieces she has done for them. I will post a few photos here of some of her work, but check out her shop to get a better feel.

Sarah, herself, shares this with us:
"The Earthen Cavy is a sole-proprietorship, based just outside of Spokane, Washington. The tiny art business specializes is creating hand-made pottery out of terracotta and whiteware that contains carvings or illustrations of animals. Fine drawings and watercolor paintings are also offered to its customers. Commissions are almost always open, and the proprietor, Sarah Alderete, loves to depict our animal friends in a variety of ways. Her online store is located at: 

The Earthern Cavy's Facebook page is at this link:

Daily Breakfast for several of her furbabies!
On the Facebook page you can see much better sampling of Sarah's work and people's comments on it.

Sarah is also the slave of several cavies, rabbits and a cat (some which I show below)! Also, she is an animal rights activist who cares much about the welfare of all animals.

Please stop by the Bunny Burrow Boutique on Etsy. There are rabbit-themed jewelry
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  1. That water colour at the top is precious,I just love it!