Friday, November 30, 2012

Do You Call Your Bunnies By Their Given Name?

Do you call your bunnies by their given name? Do you have a nickname for your bunny or bunnies? Which name do you use the most?

Unintentionally, I've started calling some bunnies by different names. For example, I had a German Angora rabbit I named Fritz.  I think I was trying to remember the German word my grandmother used for boy, when it hit me: bub (pronounced by my grandmother as: boobp). Then I started doing squeaky, cutesy bunny voices to him and called him my little bub (boobp). He, for some reason, seemed to really react positively to it and he became: "My Boopy" or just "Boopy".
Butterscotch the English Lop

A different bunny, a big Enlish Lop, named Butterscotch (not the Butterscotch we presently have) became ButterBumble, BumbleHead and sometimes just Butter.  It's silly.

A certain Little White Bunny at age 8 or 9

One bunny, an albino dwarf, was a sweet frisky little guy who lived a very long life and only recently just passed away.  He was a bunny we could not think of a name for. For the life of us, we tried and tried. Nothing seemed fitting. So for several weeks we discussed him descriptively.  He was "The Little White Bunny".  Not sure why, with so many good names out there, we couldn't think of any.  He just decided to take the name "Little White Bunny" because that's what we always called him when talking about him, caring for him, feeding or petting him. That's what he became because he just started responding to it. It just became too late for any other name. We started calling him LWB in conversation because we felt a bit embarrassed over that name. But for 11 years, he chose Little White Bunny and always, always answered to it!

We do have other bunny nicknames, but I think those will keep for another day. Please share what your bunny's nicknames are or any great stories! Please share in the comments below!

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  1. Caramel was a dwarf lop but I would call him Baby because he was that my baby,the Thumper was a black and white dutch and he would often get called Trouble as he was always getting into trouble and Speedy well he gets called Speedster or Sir speedy by friends me I call him Cheeky as he is just that Cheeky or Speedy

    1. Love these great nicknames. Do you think you call them by their regular names or nicknames more? LOL.Speedy is a great bunny!

    2. its usually Speedy you are a cheeky boy followed by big kisses and cuddles and lots of laughter

  2. I usually call my bunnies by their given names. My first doe, Cleopatra, most often got called by the short form of her name. Before I knew about neutering, Hamlet was a very active sprayer because he lived next door to Oberon. My brother often called him "Pisso". Valentino, so named because he was such a loving soul, was always called "Rudy" by my Dad. The exception for me is my current doe, Felix. Always on the go, can't take more than two hops without throwing in some extra bounce, and loves to binky, so I call her "Binky Girl" as much as I call her Felix.

  3. Did Cleopatra want to be treated like a princess? I bet you treated her like one anyway! I love how the family is involved in the all those bunderful nicknames. I do get a charge out of "Pisso". Sounds like something my dad would have said! Thanks for sharing!
    Mary Ellen