Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little White Bunny

Little White Bunny certainly didn't have a creative name, but it was different.  It was difficult to come up with a name for the little guy. We just couldn't think of one. Funny because there are so many good names out there, such as Caspar, Snowflake, and I'm sure many more. Little White Bunny just chose his own name because he got sick of us trying to pick one. He let us know he decided by responding to it every time we started talking about "the little white bunny".

Little White Bunny, affectionately known also as LWB (due to our embarrassment at such an uncreative sounding name) was a ruby-eyed white dwarf bunny with the softest prettiest coat, until the day he passed on at 11 years old.  He had a sweetness about him that was very special, but also was very mischievous. He loved to chew on things and dig at towels, sheets and rugs like crazy. He charmed everyone he met.

A rabbit rescue tried to get me to trade LWB for a big white rabbit they named Chucky, because of his behavior. They didn't consider him adoptable.  At the time, I had a full house in the bunny department and couldn't take Chucky in. I also wasn't going to give away a member of my family. I am so glad that I didn't because of all the bunderful things in my life I shared and the bunderful things in his life I got to witness. I wouldn't have traded him for the world!

He did bunny visits at nursing homes I worked at & volunteered at also through the years.  On different occasions at different places, employees and co-workers would try to get me to give him to them or sell him to them because of his antics, lovableness, cuteness and sweetness.  Some people actually hounded me! I decided to not bring him in anymore to one place I worked because I was nervous someone would take him from me they were so interested. It was like he had a stalker!

LWB, survived several wives (some tried to dominate him and he outlived others).  He was with Lorelei (a big white Angora),   Zakarina, Bun Bun, Trixie and Dust Bunny.  He was picked on and bullied to a point of losing weight by two and Zakarina was the love of his life. 

One time he was attacked by two bunnies (before being partnered with wives) he got a long with before and had big gouges taken out of his rear end. I was terrified he would die. It was early on and I didn't know that much about bunnies then. He did wonderfully though with help of a vet. There were some things the books didn't prepare me for.

 Little White Bunny lived through most of my marriage and was there in the early days. He was the last bunny I had that moved over to our house from the apartment my husband and I had in the early days of our life together.  Little White Bunny responded to each of us differently and seemed to choose one of us to be his favorite for a while then would switch.  Sometimes my husband seemed to compete for his love and attention, but LWB didn't pay attention to things we would do for his attention. He wouldn't fall for the influence of extra treats, attention, privileges, etc. given to him. He decided that he liked who he liked best at any given moment.

Little White Bunny was affectionate til the end. He passed away a couple of weeks ago. He lost the use of his rear legs suddenly and didn't last long after that. He was 11 and a half years old. He never made it to a trip to the vet for his last few hours.  It was and is so hard to let him go. I miss him and look at the empty cage he slept in. It seems to represent the empty place in my heart he so lovingly filled. 

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  1. so sorry about LBW he was very cute,and you will see him again,xxxSpeedy and mum