Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bunnies Help With Depression

It's been a hard year, in some regards, dealing with the loss of my father.last year.  It's been difficult. In some some ways I wondered why I wasn't feeling the intensity of it like I did with the loss of my mother. There are a host of reasons of differences, but truly I felt a numbness. It wasn't acute.

The pain was a dull ache that was always there. I wondered why I didn't feel or enjoy things that I usually did. The depression from the loss was more of just a lack of feeling for many things. It was if there was and still is somewhat, a black hole that eats up the energy of those feelings. It's hard to explain.

My bunnies have brought distraction- sometimes it's just with their care, sometimes it's with their antics. Rabbits though, unlike TV or other forms of escape, interact with us. They kept me going. They provided love, friendship and gentle caring. Also, they nudge me to keep going, to remind me I still am needed and still have reasons to go on with my life.

Also, they have been non judgmental, and aren't telling me to "snap out of it" like some humans might. People do need to grieve on their own level at their own pace.  People do need those nudges but in ways that just remind us to connect with the physical world too. They don't tell us to "snap out of it", but to "stay connected" to those that are around us and with our world, but in a way that lets us do it at our own pace.

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  1. we all deal with grief in our own way,me I'm a bit pragmatic about these things I think to my self that my lost loved ones would be wanting me to make the most of life and enjoy it but thats just me and don't get me wrong I do cry some time's even now at special occasions because they are not here in the physical but thats natural,so forget what other people think take your time,play with and enjoy your bunnies and enjoy the little things and the rest will come right in its own natural pace,and you will be alright,but in the mean time Speedy sends super sized snuggles and say's if you need a giggle just pay him a visit and he will give you a little smile,xxSpeedy and Mum