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Flat Bonnie Is A Year Old! Birthday Interview!

RS: Hi, I'd like to introduce a special guest today who has granted us another exclusive interview! It's none other than everyone's favorite flat rabbit.....Flat Bonnie!!

How are you today Flat Bonnie? Welcome again to Rabbit Slippers Blog! We are very excited to have you here again!

FB:  Hello, I am so hoppy to be here.  Thank you for having me on your buntastic blog again. 

RS: We understand that it's a very special time of year for you!  Now, of course there is Easter (which we will touch upon later), but we understand there is something else! What is it and please tell us about it? 

The Birthday Girl & Flat Cavy Friend

FB:  I just had my first birthday!  I am 1 year old now.  For a year now I have been working hard to help raise money for and help bring awareness to small animals in rescue centers around the world.

RS: Congratulations! Happy Birthday! Are you doing anything special to celebrate your birthday? Please tell us about it!

FB:  I am having an online photo contest for humans to post their favorite Flat Bonnie photos.  There are Flat Friend's all over the world and I want to share pictures of them having fun with their Furever families.

RS: It's been a while since we spoke with you. From what I understand, there's a Flat Bonnie animation and other new Flat Bonnie products for sale.  Please tell us a bit about them! 
Flat Bonnie Animation

Head Tilt Bonnie
FB: My first short animation is on Youtube now, it is called Bunny Thump (click here for link) !  In the video I am helping out some of my friends.  My humans also made some Shrinky Dink fridge magnets of my Flat Friends and I that are on Etsy now. There will also be buttons, stickers and t-shirts soon. 

  There are some new Flat Friends too, like BunGoyle, BatBun, Capybara, Oaty and Timmy the Hay Bales and a few others.  There is also a “head tilt” bun option available now.

Flat Bonnie, Hay Bales, Oopsy & Poopsie


RS: Of course, as I think of your birthday, it brings us back to when you first were on the scene around this time last year...you came right out with a message because it is right near the time of year which gives rabbits a spotlight in many countries. That's right, Easter is around the corner. When I adopted my first Flat Bonnie, it was an adoption, not a purchase! Flat Bonnie made herself available to not only bring joy to those who love bunnies, but also had a message! What is that message?

FB:  Easter is a bad time of year for buns.  Most bunnies bought at Easter die or are abandoned before their first birthday.  Many of those Easter bunnies end up in rescue centers, saved from city shelters that can no longer care for them.  These buns have been abandoned by their humans and need someone to love them.  Buying bunnies from pet shops only encourages more careless breeding and results in abandoned and neglected buns.  I want humans to know that “Adoption” should be considered when they are ready to make a long term commitment to a “Real” bun.  Many people do not know that there are hundreds of loveable, adoptable buns in shelters and rescue centers waiting for someone to adopt them and take them to their Furever home.

RS: I understand that you have an online poster to share with us about your message to people. Please tell us about it.

FB:  I used a picture of me at a picnic and made it into an online poster.   It says “Real animals are not Easter toys.” It also reminds people that rabbits are a 10+ year commitment.

RS:  We understand that there are about 800 Flat Bonnies and Flat Friends all over the world carrying the message of Flat Bonnie! What do you think of all this?

FB: I think it is Pawesome.  Just think of all those humans having fun with their new friend.  Also, the more people that learn about adoption, the better it will be for real buns everywhere.

RS: So right now there is a photo contest (Click here for info on contest) going on to help celebrate Flat Bonnie's first birthday? Please tell us a bit about that! 

FB:  I want happy humans to take pictures of their adopted Flatties and share them with the world.  There will be Buntastic prizes for the funnest photos.  If you do not have your own Flat Bonnie yet, you can draw a pawsome picture of Flat Bonnie and send it in.  After the contest is done, I will put together a “First Year” slideshow video featuring some of the pictures that were sent in.

RS: I took photos of my first Flat Bonnie when my husband and I went out for Chinese food. It had Flat Bonnie drinking tea.  Later, with our blessings, when Flat Bonnie joined us on our 10 year anniversary honeymoon at the Rabbit Hill Inn, Flat Bonnie made so many friends and seemed like a great addition to the Rabbit Hill Inn family, that we let her stay. She was welcomed with open arms. We also took many photos of her there! My husband and I weren't the only ones excited about Flat Bonnie, there were others who took photos of her too in different places.  Do you have any favorites or favorite places? I think you have given that traveling gnome a hop for his money!

FB:  I really liked those pictures at the Rabbit Hill Inn.  Some humans have sent in Flat Bonnie photos from their vacations in Hawaii, the Bahamas and Washington DC.  I also like photos that rescue centers post with their Flat Bonnies.  I just really like to see my Flat Friends having a good time and enjoying their new life.

RS: Please tell us more about what happens to real live bunnies at Easter time. What is your message to people about them? What is it that you offer to people to help real bunnies?

More friends: Capyabra, Hedgehog & Skunk!
FB:  Most animals bought on impulse at Easter, do not live to see their first birthday.  Many of them are abandoned soon after the holiday.  Before going to a pet store, humans should first take their children to a shelter or rescue center so they can see, pet and love buns there.  They will be informed on what it takes to care for a real bun, and then they can adopt one of those loving buns who have been abandoned.  There are too many buns that need to be adopted.
Batbun in front of the Bat Cave from TV's Batman! All we need is Rob-bun!

RS: Do you have any links, websites, info etc you would like to add?

FB: Don’t forget join me on my Facebook page.  Also, I have a Flickr photo group (Click here for link) where you can post and see photos of my Flat Friends and me around the world.

RS: Do you recommend any websites where people can get more info on Flat Bonnie, organizations to learn more about house rabbits, adoption, what happens to impulsively bought Easter gift bunnies (and other animals too like baby chicks)? Do you work with any other organizations?

FB:  To find out about Flat Bonnie and Friends, you can go to Flatbonnie.com.  For information on proper rabbit care, please visit the House Rabbit Society website (Click here for link).

Thank you for having me on your blog again.  It was pawsome talking to you today.

RS: It was so bunderful to have you here! Thanks for coming back and sharing your exciting news! I hope everyone checks out  Flat Bonnie's links to see all the neat stuff that is going on!

You can also connect with Flat Bonnie through:
You Tube: Flat Bonnie's First Animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVuhLv12D24 

This is my own Flat Bonnie plug that wasn't brought up by Flat Bonnie...20% of the the sale when purchasing a Flat Bonnie product gets donated to a monthly designated rabbit rescue or related rabbit welfare organization! Your purchase is not only educational & cute, makes a nice gift for others or yourself : ) , but also helps real live bunnies too at rescues!

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