Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winner of the Rabbit Adoption Story Contest...

I love all the stories that people entered in the Rabbit Adoption Story Contest.  They brought tears to my eyes as I read some of the sad situations some had come from and the extents people went through to bring these rabbits into their homes as loved members of their families.  They are so inspiring and I hope people share them from here and will also continue to share stories of bunnies that have come their way into their lives.  I have re-read these stories as I have tried to monitor how the contest was going. One positive thing was that there have been many more people going to the pages than there were votes. Although I'm pretty disappointed more people didn't vote, there were actually many, many views on stories, which I will take as that most of those people read them!  This to me means that the word is getting out. I will continue to post the stories on Facebook and other social media to keep them all going!  The message will continue to get out there!

Thank you to all of you who took the time to write, gather photos and contribute their photos! It is very much appreciated. Thank you even more for having taken care of those Long-earred Loved Ones!  I am glad that I didn't have to decide which story was the best because it would have been so difficult.  I used to think that when people said that type of thing they were just being nice to make people not feel bad, but honestly, it's true, so very true- it would have been such an extremely difficult decision to make.

Okay, I know you are all waiting to see who the winner is...(and if you didn't read the first two paragraphs, I want you to read them, because they are important!)!

Now, for real this time, the winner is:

"Eddie's Story" about the rabbit Eddison from New Moon Rabbit Rescue. This story was contributed by Sarah-Elizabeth Labelle.  Coincidentally, unbeknown to the other, the rabbit rescue that Eddie/Eddison came from also contributed a story  and the adopter, Sarah-Elizabeth Labelle, about the same rabbit! He must be a special rabbit to have inspired both the rescue and adopter to contribute his story!

So, New Moon Rabbit Rescue, who will be hearing from me shortly, has won a donation in Sarah-Elizabeth Labelle's name of $25.00 (in US Dollars) and Sarah-Elizabeth Labelle has won a bunny pendant I purchased from Lavender Rabbit Studios! Congratulations!

Thanks all to those who participated!  Your stories are wonderful and hopefully we have all helped make at least one bunny's life better through this effort!

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  1. Thank you a millon times over for sharing the stories. I hope Eddie's Story will inspire just a few people to adopt a lovely rabbit.

    Congratulations to New Moon who will be receiving the donation, I'm so proud to have you in my community!

    Thanks!! :)