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Christmas Shop and Help Bunnies! Binky Bunny store

As a service to Rabbit Slippers Readers and to organizations that help bunnies, Rabbit Slippers is sharing this place to help bunnies, those that Binky Bunny helps and of course shoppers to get great gifts!
Name of Business:   BinkyBunny (

Links for Business:

Contact info: e-mail and whatever else you wish to include:

What do you sell?  Hay, Pellets, Treats, Toys, Books, Playhouses, "Surrogate" Bunnies (which is basically a real looking toy bunny to help keep single real bunnies company if need be).

Do you have any holiday specials, gifts, cards or other items available? We have a Seasonal Section that includes Holiday Binky Bag, along with some other seasonal themed items like a willow candy cane, soft tree and star chews, Vine Star, etc.

Describe your business:  And educational and community based site that offer tips and tricks for living with house rabbits. It's supported by a great store that offers products that cater to rabbit health and behavior.  (Though other animals like guinea pigs, chins and even cats have enjoyed some of our products!)   We love rabbits and all of their goofy and yet challenging behaviors that make them wonderfully rabbity!   If a rabbit is happy, healthy and distracted from chewing on "people" stuff, then humans are happy too. So it's a win win.
We didn't start out as a store - we created a site to make it fun and easy to learn about what goes into having a house rabbit as an animal companion. However, as the site grew very fast and forum membership rose, maintaining a site became more expensive and so we opened a store to help support the site. Soon we discovered other vendors who loved bunnies as much as we did and so not only did we create products of our own, we seek out businesses that truly care about the well-being of the animals they sell for.   From Oxbow Hay company to other smaller companies that also take pride and care in their work ethic, customer service and product quality.  With these wonderful partnerships, we have created a line of favorites and unique products that bunnies love. 

When should people order by for Xmas delivery?   This depends on which shipping method they choose and where they live:
                                                               Fedex Ground & Fedex Home           
:                                                            East Coast - Thursday the 16th
                                                                  MidWest - Friday, 17th 
West Coast Sunday the 18th
          FedEx Smartpost - (passed --Tuesday the 14th)
Hawaii, Canada, Alaska
USPS Parcel Post - (passed) Tuesday the 14th
USPS Priority International - Thursday the 16th
USPS Priority - Monday the 20th

Tell us a little about your own bunny/bunnies:  Currently, I have one bunny, Vivian, who I adopted from  We lost our beautiful bunny Jack in May due to cancer and we miss him terribly. He was sort of our BinkyBunny mascot, but more importantly he was just a wonderful bunny who represented the "second chance" that rescue bunnies need.  I also adopted him from and he would lunge and bite, but I knew that big lug of a bunny had a soft spot and it was all fear based, and that a little extra love and attention would soften him up.  And it did.  : )    He became a fun loving goofy character that found a special place in my heart.    Vivian is a character as well and has a bit of a Vivatude.  Her huffs and lunges may have played a part as to why she was in shelters and then at the rescue for two years, but like Jack, she is a big huffin' bluffer, and will just melt at being pet.  She helped comfort Jack when he was sick by allowing him to lean on her, and she would stay by his side during his the harder times.  I love rescue bunnies because you can see how resilient they are and how much they can come out of their shell with patience and love.

Are you an organization that helps rabbits such as a rescue? Feel free to elaborate how this organization helps bunnies.  I volunteered for many years for and I really miss doing more hands on volunteer work, but we moved further away from SaveABunny, and then as our business grew, my time became extremely restricted.  So we try and help out in other ways.
We help via our affiliate program.  A rescue can sign up to be an affiliate and link to our site and receive a percentage of profits from those that were referenced from their site to ours.  

  We also get many requests for product donations and financial donations from rescues throughout the U.S.   We can't help out everyone as we are small business ourselves, but we help out about 10 rescues a year that way. We don't choose one over the other, just happens to be the timing of the request and where we are financially at the moment.   We wish we could help out more, but we are not capable of doing more than we already do.  As we grow though, our ability to help even further will also grow. 

Do you help out rabbit rescues  through donations, volunteer time or anything like that?.  I think I incorporated this in the above answer. :)

If you do help out organizations, feel free to describe it more and to give them a plug also.
I can add that most of the time organizations ask for funds or product donations -- normally for an auction that will raise money to help support their rescue efforts. 
 I hate to plug one organization over another because I know how hard people in rescue work. It's never ending, can be overwhelming, and it's a constant balancing act to make sure there are enough funds, enough people and enough space to make it all work.  To mention one feels unfair in some ways, but I can at least tell you that my first rescue bunny, Rucy, came from the House Rabbit Society in Richmond. I have attended many of their seminars, classes, clicker training etc -- as they have wonderful educational activities. And their site is an incredible source of information that I am always referring people to.  My next two bunnies came from   I volunteered there for several years.  It was a wonderful learning experience as I was able to see in action the dedication and passion that it takes for someone to manage and run a rescue. Super human powers are needed and Marcy, the owner of, seems to have plenty.  If it weren't for her, bunnies like my, Jack and Vivian, may have otherwise been at risk for euthanasia, but she has a heart that looks beyond first impressions.   Because of that insight, Jack and Vivian were given a second chance and were able to blossom into amazing and loving bunnies, who enjoyed a fun and joyful life. (Vivian still enjoying!)

LINKS:  Main Site:
               Info Page:

Attached are some photos of Jack (white bunny who passed away in May 2011)
I didn't attach them in any particular order: 

Both of these photos show Vivian caring for Jack when he was sick
 When Jack got cancer, Vivian would give him extra attention and make sure she kept him warm and cleaned his face and ears.  Not that I want to display depressing photos but what is special about it is that it shows how nurturing Vivian really is -- it says alot about her.  
Vivian Snoozing

 Vivian snoozing -- she loves to snuggle up and she feels so safe that she will close her eyes when she sleeps (many bunnies sleep with their eyes open).     You have to remember, Vivian used to be considered an "attack bunny" and many were scared of her as she has a serious bluff.  But she is one of the sweetest bunnies I have had -- even though she's got spunk! 
Playful Jack

Jack playing in a box!

 Jack, who used to be a big scaredy cat type of bunny and also would lash out and scare people came out of his shell when given love and attention.  He loved to run and binky and explore boxes. 

Just goes to show how much power that love and patience have on other living beings -- amazing and beautiful things can happen within the well-being of animals that were once were given away and almost given up on.  

Jennifer Sidle

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