Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some of my Favorite Things about my Companion Bunnies...

Hello there,

I appreciate your hopping over this way again. I think there are universal things that most people share and appreciate in living with pet bunnies.  Here are some of mine. I don't have photos for many, but I will share when I do have something. These are not in any particular order...

1) The wiggling nose....I can tell a lot now by their wiggling nose. One major one is that they are still a live when they are sleeping quite still. The speed of their nose shows how interested or alert they are to something near by! There is something about that constantly wiggling nose that even when they annoy me, it can charm my socks off. They don't really wiggle their nose at will, it is part of their breathing process.  I love how they reject me when they turn their nose up at me, disapprovingly, when I have on some type of lotion on my hands they don't like!

2) Nose/head bonks...I love to ignore those little buns and they like to ignore me as a game. They approach you, tap you with their head or nose and either take off like tagging you and you are "it" or they bonk you looking for petting, food, other attention.

3) What we call "tubes" in our house....Cardboard oatmeal canisters (the natural brownish gray kind with the label removed), purchased ones for bunnies or other tube shaped things they can fit themselves in.  One bunny we had named Rusty used to somehow always get herself caught in the oatmeal canisters.(She would chew off the ends). Her head and front paws would be hanging out one end of the canister and her tail and rear legs would be sticking out the end. She would kind of squeal in the female bunny sort of way when being chased by a male for some action. She wouldn't panic but would let us know we had to remove that dachshund-like body out of her tube. Usually this meant keeping her calm and getting the jaws of life (a pair of scissors). She usually had no problem sitting still while we got her out.

Other bunnies we had/have also have loved tubes. We've had prolific chewers and then the one English Lop who would sleep with and groom his tube, hump it, chase it and then chew it to smithereens. We kept a good supply of those on hand. One favorite thing we liked watching him do is putting it on his head and moving all around with it.

Tribble, a lionhead likes to chew his to smithereens and squeeze into them.
Tribble in one of his purchased Tubes.

Butterscotch in his Log with ear sticking out hole in the top!
Butterscotch, who is our infamous buzzing bunny about to be neutered, seems to feel very secure in his "log" which he somehow squeezes himself into when it's downtime in his cage. He likes to squeeze himself in and push his nose through his cage bars to observe what's going on around him. Strangely enough, he will only do it when the cage door is closed, not when its open or if he's out of the cage running around or resting.
Butterscotch in regular nestled into Log mode!

4) Playing bunnies in any form is wonderful. Love to see them run around, do binkies, play tag with me or each other (see nose bonks above), even tip their food dishes over when switched to "healthier diets". They are so interactive, loving, loyal and social. What is there not to love?
I have some more photos which I have to transfer to digital form and will update this for you and let you know!
I can come up with more and sometime I will, but I think I took up enough of your time for now and thank you for joining me.  If you have or ever had bunnies, please tell me what you love about them. Please follow this page and use the comments section below. I would love to hear what you have to say!

Thanks for stopping by!
Mary Ellen


  1. What a cutie! I had no idea bunnies enjoy to lie in tubes like that. Very interesting!

    I also want to thank you for joining my Blog Hop and following. I did the same for you now. :p Have a continued lovely weekend!

  2. Just (blog) hopping by... This post almost makes me want to get a bunny! They are adorable. Wiggly noses are the best!

  3. How cute they are! I guess they like the tubes and the fake log because don't they hide out in tree trunks and stuff in the wild when they are afraid or running from a predator? So it seems logical that they would love that feeling that their backs are protected. I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC and would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so very much for your help and have a great day!