Monday, September 12, 2011

Funny Bunny Little Med-Taking Miracle

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Not too long ago I wrote about my little Bunny Tribble and his illness related to Hurricane Irene.(Part 1   and Part 2 in case you didn't read them. Well one of the issues with him was trying to get him to take his medicine. I dreaded it when the vet said his medication was oral. (I actually thought that giving him a shot would have been easier!). He is skittish, fast and a fighter!

Getting him to take in an oral syringe was not something he liked and something others liked. The good part was that he only had to take it once a day.

The big miracle was that at one point he appeared to be going toward death's door. I was so nervous that I'd lose the little guy who was only a year old. I have become extremely fond of him. It took about ten months before he wouldn't run away from our approach! He now comes up to us looking for affection.  When I woke up the next day, he was eating hay, some of his water was gone and he was "chowing down" on his food!

The "Funny Bunny Little Med-Taking Miracle" is coming up now. 

He was getting back his strength to fight us even more with the oral syringe feeding.  My husband and I had a system where he would hold the funny and was the "evil one" giving him the syringe in the mouth. We got good at it, but Tribble would have nothing to do with us after ward- for quite a while!  Well, the next to the last day of the med, I went up to Tribble and was waiting for my husband to get away from his computer (his mothership as I call it!), who was taking an extra long, long, long time.  I started to pet Tribble a little. He was receptive, but guarded.  He saw the syringe that I had already filled up and knew what was coming. The banana flavor scent was making his sensitive nose go hay-wire!  I kept calling my husband to come and was getting pretty mad.  I put the syringe up to Tribble's nose just to let him have a warning that was what was coming. Well, he surprised me!

He put his mouth on the syringe and started nibbling on the tip where the medication was going to come out. He wouldn't let up. I started pushing the syringe, a little, to get some medication in his mouth.  He just started taking it in and then would wait for more until I pushed more on the syringe. So we did this for the next few seconds until the med in the syringe was gone!!!  I was in such disbelief. Then, as if on cue, my husband walked in to "help" me.

Perhaps Tribble was just getting as impatient as I was waiting for my husband, wanting to get the med-taking hassle over instead of pro-longing it. I praised the little Lionhead bunny repeatedly, pet him and lavished him with affection which he seemed to want to soak up like a sponge.  I gave him some treats also.

I was hoping that I would get the same response the next night, but he went back to his old way of fighting me!  It was the last night, so at that point it didn't matter.

He was healthy again, eating like there was no tomorrow and seeking attention from us like normal!  That is what made it all so worthwhile, but that extra bit of trust he showed me that night made me feel so wonderful. 

I think they trust us more than they let on sometimes, but just want us to know that they are the boss and aren't going to let us think we have any power over them. Sometimes it is just the little things along the way of the journey that present themselves and make the journey more worthwhile than the destination.

Hope this helped bring a smile to your day.
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Mary Ellen

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