Monday, August 1, 2011

What fun-thing-to-do treasures you may find in your own backyard (or pretty close by)

Hello there,
In these days of unemployment and a tight dollar many people are trying to find interesting things to do right nearby. One can explore types of interesting things in their lives almost as close as their own backyard.
I think this might even take more than one post to share all the stuff I have to share about one visit to a historic house that isn't far from home for me.

Besides how much I want to show you what I found so close to home, I want to show you some of the neat things to discover at this place I visited, that I want to go back and see more.  Just like any museum, they do rotate displays, exhibits, and make things "new". There is always something different. On the other hand, you may concentrate on something more during one visit and see something else the next time and potentially other subsequent visits.

Just to give you a quick preview of what I'm going to share in some of my next few posts:
Samuel Parsons House

A historic New England House complete with period flag!

Info about the outside and inside......lots of neat stuff

A period baby carriage.

A mile marker sign telling you how far it is to New Haven, CT

How the fire works industry went boom and influenced the layout of a town....

Can't forget the daily grind. This coffee would be ground fresher than Starbucks!

I look forward to sharing some fun experiences with you from here and other places.  It is fascinating to think that the things you see in these pictures were part of everyday life to someone.
Sometimes I wonder how people will view some things we own, use or see everyday now when they are looked at and questioned 100 or 200 years 
from now. Thank you for sharing your time with me! I will see you soon!

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