Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet more of our Bunnies! Can you ever get enough Bunnies in a Day?

Welcome! Please come meet more of our bunnies!

This is Tribble. He loves all types of cardboard tubes-chewing, playing, sleeping and hiding in!

This is Butterscotch! He is personality plus and like Tribble, he likes to lie in tubes!

This is Grumbles, a sweet, loving and shy bunny girl!
This is Woodstock, who sadly is at the Rainbow Bridge.
Here is Tribble the lionhead hiding in his favorite tube of the moment.

Here is Bandit, a result of an unexpected litter before we knew any better. He is an old timer enjoying his retirement. He is a former Therapy Bunny!

Jamie is an Easter purchase who was "returned". We adopted her and named her after my dad "James" who passed away this past May. She is timid, but will let you pet her for hours!
Thank you for visiting with us!  The bunnies will visit again! Feel free to share your bunnies here! I would love to see them or hear from you.

Enjoy your bunnies and your day!
Mary Ellen

PS If you want more information on rabbits, one of the best resources is: The House Rabbit Society

 Here is a link to my website with information on rabbits: The Rabbit Hop Stop
And a link to my Bunny Shop: Rabbit Hop Shoppe

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