Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Little Less Cold and A Little Bit of Christmas...

Hello there,
Today is a little less cold out than yesterday! The temperature is a slightly balmier 16 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. It was 14 degrees F. yesterday at the highest point in the day. It is funny though. Most of the time when I feel a right to complain or whine about the weather, I can't pick up the phone to call my brother to complain. He will always put me in my place without trying. He lives up in Maine. He will nonchalantly tell me what the weather is there. Be it a temperature, inches of snow or something like that, he can usually put me in my place unintentionally. I have never had to plug in my car to start it in the morning (so the oil doesn't gel up), nor have I ever had to deal with frost heaves in the road, or shovel snow off my roof to prevent the weight of it caving in my roof (or whatever else it prevents). I think those types of things are one reason that generally people are nicer and more neighborly up in Maine. They have to be to survive. I have been to Maine as late in the year as October or as early in the year as March. I have seen wintery weather in both those months, but nothing like my brother sees. So therefore I won't complain anymore today.

I wanted to show some photos of some more Christmasy things here. One set of pics is a gingerbread house from a kit that we made where I work. It is not fabulous, but I think it's charming. It looks a little more Easter-like in its colors. We embellished it with frosting and few extras that didn't come with the kit. It was made by Wilton. I am disappointed with their kit. It is not as nice as previous years we made them using other brands.

The other photos are from the town of West Haven, Connecticut and some of their Christmas displays on the town Green. There weren't any events going on when I was there, so it is not lit up and its not in its full glory. I will try to get back and share more photos on a more active day if I can. It was a cloudy and cold day (though not as cold as today), so the photos aren't bright.
I do love the stuff the towns do for the little kids, ect. I grew up in West Haven and have memories of visiting Santa in a similar set up there.

Well I hope you enjoyed the photos. I hope you come back soon to visit. Thanks for taking the time to share with me.
Til next time,
Mary Ellen
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Have a wonderful day.

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