Friday, December 11, 2009

It is a prematurely bitter cold day for December....

Hello friend,
Thank you for joining me. It is bitter cold outdoors. It is only 14 degrees Fahrenheit outside today in the sun. For Connecticut in early December that is quite unusual. We have been doing things to keep the use of the running the oil furnace down to save money on oil and to just conserve. On days like this one can really feel the chill.

Outdoors the rabbit water bottles are freezing up and we need to go outdoors to change them several times a day. Most of our rabbits are indoors now, but a few are outdoors. The good thing is that this weather usually won't last long this time of year. I am not psychologically prepared for a bitter cold snap yet. The good thing is that I have today off from work and didn't have to try to start the car or sit in it waiting for it to warm up on a cold dark morning.

I have been doing a little Christmas shopping online and also watched a movie. My husband is correcting student papers in another room of the house. It is nice to cuddle up and relax for a change of pace during this busy holiday season. If only I had some cocoa in the house. Oh well. This is a good time for a hot soak in a nice long bath. And again, if only I had some cocoa in the house. I think this is the day that has spurred me into getting an essential like that for next few months ahead.

I don't drink cocoa often anymore, but there are some days like this when nothing else will do! I hope you are warm, safe and having a good day. I have to count my blessings and hope all is well for everyone else as well. As much as we may struggle with things in this economy or in other situations, in my own opinion anyway, I believe it is best to remember that things could always be worse. I have been in much worse situations and therefore count my blessings and pray for those who may need it more than me at the moment.

I wish you all a warm and comfortable day. I pray that you are without worry as you read this. Have a great day! Thanks for joining me.
Til next time,
Mary Ellen

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